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Chapter 8 Community Ecology Quiz
1. List 2 (of 3) characteristics of biological communities investigated by
ecologists. Then tell how a generic invasive species could change each of
these two ecological characteristics.
2. Fill out this Venn diagram in order to compare native vs. non-native
species. Insert text boxes and use a small font to do so.
3. Using bullets, list an indicator species, a keystone species, and a
foundation species. Briefly explain why each example fits into each
4. Match each example to its proper description: Draw red lines to do so.
Pike ambush and eat small fish
Epiphytes living in the branches of tropical trees
Trees grow tall and shade out pesky shrubs
Algae and fungi living in harmony as a lichen
Vampire tiger mosquitoes drink horses’ blood
5. In three sentences compare and contrast primary succession with
secondary succession. (Be sure to mention the following: disturbances,
soil, foundation species, pioneer species, time frame.)
6. Tell the type of succession we witnessed at Prairie Ridge and give
evidence to support your answer.