Download 1. Fill in the blanks of the following diagram of photosynthesis. 2

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1. Fill in the blanks of the following diagram of photosynthesis.
2. Label the following kinds of chlorophylls kinds. What kind of light do they absorb (look at graph)? Why does this explain why plants are green? a.
_____________________________________________ b.
_________________________________________________________ c.
3. What is the function of chlorophyll in plants? 4. Associate the following with photosystem 1 or 2. What is the Z scheme? a. Splitting of water for electrons b. Has the highest energy state electrons c. Is at the beginning of the electron transport chain d. Receives electrons PC e. P700 f. P680 g. Ferredoxin h. Pheophytin 5. Write the following strand reverse complement in 5’ to 3’ order. What allows us to do this? 6. Fill in the blanks for the following diagram:
7. What is the central dogma? Draw a flowchart. 8. Challenge Question: Why do you think some proteins have multiple codons and some don’t? 9. Challenge Question: Meselson and Stahl proved that DNA was replicated by a template strand of DNA. If you were a scientist, how would you prove this?