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Chapter 9 Energy notes
9.1 Work
Work is done when a force _______ causes an object to ____________.
The force must act against _________________ or __________________.
The motion has to be the same ___________________ as the force.
Is the female walking up the stairs a force against friction or against gravity?
Write an example of a force against gravity and against friction.
The equation for work is ______________
The unit of work is Newton-meters or Nm is called ______________________.
9.2 Power
Power is the _____________ at which work is done.
Power is ______________ divided by ________________.
The formula for power is __________________.
The unit for power is joules per second j/s or _____________________.
100 watts equals 1 __________________.
9.3 Energy
Energy is the ability to do ______________________________.
There are many different forms of Energy.
9.4 Potential Energy
Potential energy is _________________ due to an object’s __________________________.
A. Elastic energy is stored in something that is stretched or compressed.
Examples _________________________________________________________________.
B. Chemical energy is stored in bonds between atoms.
Examples _________________________________________________________________.
C. Gravitational is the energy of an elevated (raised up high) object.
Examples _________________________________________________________________.
The equation for gravitational potential energy is GPE=mgp
The unit for GPE is ______________
9.5 Kinetic Energy
Kinetic energy is the energy of _______________________.
The equation for Kinetic Energy is
KE =1/2 mv2
The unit for KE is _________________________.
Kinetic Energy depends on the velocity squared, so if the speed of an object doubles(x2)
energy _____________________ (x4)
9.6 Work energy theorem and d 9.7 The Law of Conservation of Energy
The work energy theorem states that when _______ is done, then _____________changes.
The law of conservation of energy states that ________ cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be
This means that the sum of __________________ ________________________ remains constant for a
closed system.