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Tropical Dry Forest 
By: Veronica Thompson
Jenny Taylor&
Nell Battle 
• climate
• Rich soil ,subject to erosion
• Humidity.
• This biome spreads out around the globe.
• It is located: India
W. Africa
W. Madagascar
Southern Africa
S. America
North and South of the Amazon
Central America
W. Indies
N. Australia
The length of daylight is 12 hours
The temperature is on average 20-25 c
Precipitation is evenly distributed
Soil is nutrient-poor and acidic, decomposition
is rapid and soil are subject to heavy leaching
trees are 25-35 m tall.
• The average rainfall is sufficient enough to
promote growth of trees and plants species must
be able to withstand periods of low precipitation.
• The waterhole in the season( note the absence of
leaves in the taller trees) is a magnet to wildlife!
• There is high and low pressure systems on the
continental interior.
• The yellow –naped parrot is one of several
parrots and parakeet species occurring in the
• White- tipped Dove and other species are
frequent visitors to the waterhole during the
dry season.
• Zoology is the branch of biology the that
focuses on the study of animals.
• Lions tigers and bears are three of thousands
animals the zoologist study.
• They research all aspects of animal life,
including where animals live and how they
interact with their surroundings.
• Botany is the scientific study of plants.
• Carl Linnaeus was the finder of botany.
hhtp://the forest .htm
• What are the 3 animals that zoology study?
• Who was the finder of botany?
• What are the two main birds that live in the
dry tropical forest?
• How long does day light last?