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Tropical Forest Biomes
By: Adriana N. and Alex A.
There are two types of Tropical Forests: Rain
and Deciduous
Two seasons, rainy and dry
No winter
Temperature only varies by 5 C from
Average Temp: 20-25 C
Average Rainfall: 200 cm
Limiting Factors
Poor soil nutrients that are acidic
Rapid decomposition, soils leach nutrients and
Near equator
12 hours of sun light
More that one half tropical forest have already
been destroyed
1 Sq. km over 100 tree species
Usually 25-35 m tall
Shallow roots, smooth bark
Lianas-Climbing vines that reach from the soil to the
Epiphytes (orchids, bromeliads)- attach to branches
of trees to obtain nutrients from organic matter falling
from the canopy.
Buttresses-Large bulges at the base of trees for
Animals usually only eat a specific kind of food
because of competition
Camouflage- Many animals use camouflage to hide
from predators
Bright Colors- Some animals use bright colors to
warn off curious animals while others use it for
attracting a mate.
Highest degree of biodiversity in an ecosystem.
About 50% of world’s species live in the rainforests
Biomass Pyramid
Ocelot (Highest Level
Green Tree Snake
(2nd to high level
Tree Frog (1st to 2nd
Ants (Producer to 1st Consumer
Bromeliad (Producer)
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