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IBDP – Energy
Engineering Mechanics - Statics
Homework 3 (due 12/05/2013)
Determine the internal normal force, shear force, and
moment at points C and D in the simply-supported beam.
Point D is located just to the left of the 2500-lb force.
Determine the normal force, shear force, and moment
in the beam at sections passing through points D and
E. Point E is just to the right of the 3-kip load.
Draw the shear and moment diagrams for the beam.
The beam consists of two segments pin connected at
B. Draw the shear and moment diagrams for the beam.
If the pipe has a mass per unit length of 1500 kg/m,
determine the minimum tension developed in the cable.
The 10 kg/m cable is suspended between the supports
A and B. If the cable can sustain a maximum tension
of 1.5 kN and the maximum sag is 3 m, determine the
maximum distance L between the supports.