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Problem of the Week Archive
Go Team! – April 17, 2017
Now that our national competitors have been determined, teams are meeting to practice for next
month’s competition. On the team round, working together is key. Grab yourself some fellow
Mathletes® and see if you can tackle a few team round problems from some of the 2017
Raquel uses six different digits to fill in the blanks below, writing one digit in each blank, so that the
resulting addition statement is correct. What is the least possible sum of the six digits?
__ __ + __ __ = __ __
[School, Team #5]
What is the greatest number that evenly divides the sum of any six consecutive whole numbers?
[Chapter, Team #6]
Lorie wants to create a coffee blend that has regular coffee mixed with premium coffee in a ratio of
4:1. She starts with 100 kg of blend in which the ratio of regular to premium coffee is 3:2. How
many kilograms of regular coffee does she need to add to get her desired 4:1 ratio?
[State, Team #2]