Download Physics XI 1​ A particle of mass 200 kg is displaced horizontal

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Physics XI 1­​
A particle of mass 200 kg is displaced horizontal distance of 10 m by pulling it by chain , inclined at an angle of 60 degrees with the horizontal with a force of 100 N. Calculate the work done. What is the work done if the friction of 0.5 is introduced. Can this work be reclaimed? What is the work done by frictional force in this case. 2­​
State and prove work Energy Theorem ? 3­​
A block slides down an inclined plane from Rest to the bottom. Find the work done by Gravity, frictional force and normal reaction. Find the work done by all total forces. Also find the kinetic energy at the bottom of the plane. 4­​
Differentiate between conservative and non conservative forces with examples ? 5­​
Derive an expression for the work done by a variable force ? 7­​
A bullet when fired has a velocity decreased by 50% after penetrating 30 cm into the target. If resistive force is constant, find the additional thickness the bullet will penetrate before coming to rest? 8­​
A rod of Mass M and length L is lying on a horizontal table. What is the work done in making it stand on one end. 9­​
A block of mass 1 kg is pushed towards another block of mass 2kg from 6 m distance. Just after collision , the velocity of 2 kg blocks becomes 4 m/s. Find the cofficient of resitution between two blocks.and velocity of centre of mass of two blocks.