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From: Syncope and the History of Nervous Influences on the Heart
Arch Neurol. 2003;60(2):282-287. doi:10.1001/archneur.60.2.282
Figure Legend:
Depressor nerve according to Jarisch and Zotterman, 1948. Abbreviations: aod and aos indicate right respiratory and left aortic
depressor nerve; Gla, aortic bodies; Glsp, supracardiac aortic ganglion; Kn, ventricular fibers; V, vagus; Vao, vagal branch to aorta;
Vl, vagal branches to lungs; and Vt, lower vagal branches to the heart. Reprinted with permission from Acta Physiol Scand.
Copyright 1949, The Scandinavian Physiological Society.
Date of download: 5/2/2017
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Association. All rights reserved.