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Industrial Revolution Agenda
Below is the agenda for upcoming world history classes. The chapters and page numbers refer to World History:
Modern Times. Homework for a topic will be due in the homework box at the beginning of class. Please indicate
your name, your class period, and the topic at the top of your homework. Homework will lose one point each
school day it is late. Late homework will not be accepted after the assignment has been graded and returned unless
it is completed in my presence during academic time or completed in Saturday School.
Subject Read Answer -
The Industrial Revolution
Chapter 12.1 (p. 363-370)
#1, 5-7 on p. 370
Date Due: __________
Subject Read Answer -
Date Turned In: __________
The Growth of Industrial Prosperity
Chapter 13.1 (p. 397-401)
1. Identify Karl Marx, bourgeoisie, proletariat, dictatorship.
2. How did Marx feel about the conditions in factories?
3. What did Marx believe revolution between the classes would ultimately produce?
Date Due: __________
Date Turned In: __________
Subject Read Answer -
The Emergence of Mass Society
Chapter 13.2 (p. 403-410)
Read Only (Nothing to turn in.)
Subject Read Answer -
Toward the Modern Consciousness
Chapter 13.4 (p. 418-423)
#5 – 7 on p. 423
Date Due: __________
Date Turned In: __________
-See Other Side-
Subject Read Answer -
Chapter 12.3 (p. 378-385)
1. Define militarism and Kaiser.
2. Identify Giuseppe Garibaldi and Otto von Bismarck.
3. Locate Alsace and Lorraine and draw a map to show where they are.
4. List the Prussian values and assets that caused the Second German Empire to become
the strongest European state.
5. Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast Bismarck’s and Cavour’s methods for
achieving unification in Italy and Germany.
Due Date -
Date Turned in - ___________
Homework due dates are posted in class and online on the assignment calendar.
Homework agendas are posted online on my world history page.