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Chapter 21-22
Responses to Industrial Revolution and Democratic
Conservatism (1815-1830)
• Klemens Metternich and the Congress of Vienna
• Conservatism
• Balance of Power
• Principle of Legitimacy
• Concert of Europe and the Quadruple Alliance
Latin Revolts and stuff
• Principle of Intervention
• Simon Bolivar the Liberator and Jose de San Martin
• Louis 18 in France replaced by ultra royalists
• Burschenchaften in Germany
• Nicholas I and most Russians became reactionaries after the
Northern Union and Alexander I
Ideologies and Change
• Liberalism (Changes to traditional methods)
Malthus and Ricardo
Political=Enlightenment stuff
John Stuart Mill advocate of women and other people
• Nationalism (extreme patriotism)
• Socialism (Human cooperation greater than competition)
• Utopian Socialists
• Charles Fourier and phalanstery
• Robert Owen success and failure
• Flora Tristen
Revolution/Reform (1830-50)
• French Revolution round 3 Charles X then Louis Philippe
• Tories(conservative) and Whigs (liberals kind of)
• The Reform Act (liberalish) Poor Law (liberalish) No Corn Law
• Revs of 1848
• France kicks out LP and goes socialists with Blanc (FAIL)
• Germany FredWill4 says lets make a country Grossdeutsch vs
Kleindeutsch in the end No'deutsch (FAIL)
• Austria Metternich out Russia helps Austrian drive out Hungarians
• America goes DEMOCRATIC with Andrew Jackson (WINish)
• With the rise in Urban living came a wave of violence and
• Local law enforcement created in France with Debelleyme and
the Serjents
• British Bobbies
• German Schultzmannschaft
• Prison is it a good thing or not? Cost for security
• Romanticism is a focus on feelings and intuition not just
• Individualism
• Gothic literature and the Grimm brothers, Ivanhoe, Edgar
Allen Poe, Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein
• Pantheism and Awakening
• Art and Music
• Delacroix, Beethoven, Berlioz
Napoleon III
• A new empire in France with government spending
• Supported for domestic work (wide roads, sewage, suffrage,
legalized trade unions etc)
• Disaster in Mexico (max gets killed)
• (going to lose Franco Prussian but that comes later)
• Crimean War
• Russia vs Ottomans over Christian shrines
• Austria is neutral and Britain and France side with Ottomans
• No Concert of Europe and Florence Nightingale (nurse)
Unification of Italy
• (previously) Giuseppe Mazzini led a Risorgimento (resurgence)
movement with Carbonari (FAIL)
• Camilo Cavour of Piedmont makes deal with France to drive
out Austrians (FAIL)
• Giuseppe Garibaldi and Red Shirts come from the south and
almost succeed until stopped by Cavour (FAILish)
• Cavour defeats Garibaldi and unifies ITALY (WIN)
Unification of Germany
• (previously Buschenschaften led to increased nationalism)
• Zollverein (customs union) claimed that Germanic people shouldn’t
tax each other but treat each other like a country
• King FredWill4 replaced by FredWill1 but the big shot is Bismarck
• Realpolitik leads to Danish War and Austrian War (WIN WIN)
• Franco Prussian War Bismarck tricks France (WIN)
• Dispute between Hohenzollern dynasty
• Bismarck the honey badger don’t care!
Nation Building
• Austria and the Ausgleich
• In Russia Alex II abolishes serfdom but Mir collect payments,
Zemstvos lead to liberal reforms
• Alex killed by People’s Will (inspired by Populist Alex Herzen)
• GB the Victorian Age Queen Victoria lasts a freaking long time
encouraged manners
• Disraeli and Reform Act helps people gain suffrage (a torrie)
• Gladsone (a liberal made many liberal reforms)
Marxism (1850-70)
• Government determining how to help Industrialization
• Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels and the Communist Manifesto
• Marxism encouraged a movement of the proletariat against
the wealthy
• Claims history is determined by class struggle
• Das Kapital furthered these ideas and created the foundation
of Communism (violent overthrow of the wealthy)
Science and Realism
Louis Pasteur pasteurization
Michael Faraday early work on electricity
Joseph Lister and antiseptic
Auguste Comte furthered sociology
Materialism understanding through material evidence
• Charles Darwin and evolution (natural selection and organic
evolution and struggle for existence)
• Realism: Real life characters (Gustave Flaubert and Madame
Bovary and Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist)
• Art and Music realistic