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What creates “sociocultural
 Technology
 As technology changes, society
 Examples
 Good – Bad?
Example of sociocultural evolution
 Nightline program – Tropical paradise
 Movie – Disk 3
Critical thinking question
What technologies are involved here?
What parts of society did it change?
Moral values?
Critical thinking question
 Freedom of speech & press?
 Who decides?
What are questions that sociologists
could not study scientifically?
 Value judgments?
Critical thinking question
 To what extent does contemporary
U.S. society still reflect the industrial
model and in what ways are we now
fully postindustrial?
Critical thinking question
 Have you or your friends or family
worked in jobs which were alienating?
 How accurately does Marx describe
the characteristics of these jobs?
Critical thinking question
 What have we gained and what have
we lost as our society has moved
from mechanical to organic solidarity?
What is the effect of Marx’s concept
of alienation on the individuals,
corporations, and the society?
How can Marx’s idea of social
conflict be applied to future
increased costs of Medicare, social