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1. According to Sigmund Freud , the main proponent of Psychoanalytic Theory, the superego is
mainly concerned with
a. The resolution of conflict within the self
b. The finding of greater satisfaction
c. The idea of right and wrong
d. The development of healthy psyche
2. Modeling is a teaching activity rooted on _____________
a. Bandura
b. Skinner
c. Thorndike
d. Bruner
3. Providing variety of learning activities to students is a characteristic of a teacher who
understand the principle of
a. Reward as a potential means of increasing the participation
b. Proactive teaching as a modern technique of teaching
c. Facilitating learning with emphasis on individual differences
d. Allowing the student to be exposed to various teaching techniques
4. All of the following shows respect for individual differences except:
a. Treat all learners like while in the classroom
b. Provide for a variety of learning activities
c. Give greater attention to gifted learners
d. Prepare modules for slow learners in class
5. As a community leader, the teacher should avoid:
a. Making efforts to help alleviate the social conditions of the community
b. Being aloof so that she can maintain objectivity
c. Helping in finding potential sponsors
d. Being an active member of the community
6. Ripple effect can also be seen in misdeamenor. The teacher should therefore:
a. Reinforce positive behavior
b. Immediately responds to misbehavior
c. Be consistent in classroom management
d. Count 1 to 10 beforedhe gets angry
7. The best example of Operant Conditioning among the following is
a. Connecting facts and concepts
b. Fostering conducive learning environment
c. Using reinforcement
d. Using manipulative devices
8. During the height of anger, the ___ operates according to Freud
a. Ego
b. Superego
c. Id and ego
d. Id
A teacher present a morally ambiguous situation to his students and ask them what to do, the
teacher’s technique is based on the theory
a. Bandura
b. Piaget
c. Kohlberg
d. Bruner
Nittan always waits at his neigbor Raphael every morning. He enjoyed seeing him while biking
and imitates the actions of Raphael while he rides his own bike. Who is the proponent of the
Social Theory which applies in this example?
a. Bandura
b. Kohlberg
c. Bruner
d. Skinner
According to Jerome Bruner, learning is a simultaneous process of acquisition, transformation,
and ____
a. Evaluation
b. Question
c. Metacognition
d. Education
According to Erickson, identity and role confusion occurs during
a. Elementary years
b. High school years
c. College years
d. Pre-school years
______is a teaching activity rooted on Bandura’s social learning theory.
a. Lecturing
b. Modeling
c. Questioning
d. Inductive reasoning
A child recieves a STAR STAMP after correctly completing his task. The child always tries to
complete all tasks correctly for him to have a stamp once again. What is being shown in the
a. Associative learning
b. Classical conditioning
c. Operant conditioning
d. Pavlovian conditioning
A child submitted a poor written report but packaged with brightly colored paper cover. This
showcases _____
a. Art over academics
b. Substance over porma
c. Art over science
d. Porma over cover
A statement of acceptable standard of performance is known as
b. Criterion measure
c. Behavior
d. Condition
Student participation will most likely happen when
a. Feeling or emotions are not permitted in the discussion
b. The group leader allows quiet members to remain quiet
c. The teacher models good listening habit
d. Repeat directions over and ovr until everyone listens
Which of the following promotes learning at the maximum?
a. Learning exercises are focused on the right side of the brain
b. Learning exercises involve both sides of the brain
c. Learning exercises are focused on cognitive objectives
d. Learning exercises are focused on the left side of the brain
Reviewing the past lesson before discussing the new lesson is being done by the teacher to
a. Prepare the students for the mastery test
b. Make learning interesting and enjoyable for students
c. Check if parents guide their children in the making of assignement
d. Make sure that the students understand the pre-requisite skills of the lesson
Peter saw another student being bullied. He did not try to stop the fight because he enjoys
watching it. Did Peter act responsibly?
a. Yes, because by not taking part he prevented the fight from becoming worse
b. Yes, because he did not involve himself in the fight
c. No, Peter’s motive did not lead to any good
d. Yes, because anyway the student, a bully himself, deserves to be beaten
Students who are disobedient and display negative attitudes towards others are best handled by
a teacher who will
a. Insist on compliance to the same degree required of pupils
b. Take every opportunity to praise him every positive attitude displays
c. Avoid giving him orders or if you do and he objects take back the order
d. Detain him after office hours for him to do what he has been ordered to.
What is the motivation of a person who paints for the enjoyment of creating artwork?
a. Intrinsic and extrinsic
b. Extrinsic
c. Intrinsic
d. Insufficient
23. Clearance has inherent skills in taking care of plants. It is highly possible that she has _____
a. Naturalistic intelligence
b. Intrapersonal intelligence
c. Spatial intelligence
d. Existential intelligence
24. One of the following shows skills in interpersonal intelligence. This person usually
a. Works on his/her own
b. Keeps interest to himself/herself
c. Seeks out a classmate for help when problem occurs
d. Spends time meditating
25. Which contributes to greater learning?
a. Learner competes with his classsmates
b. Teacher expresses his disappoint with low scores
c. Expectations of success is high
d. Learner is under stress and is challenged
26. Which of the following develops critical thinking skill among the students?
a. Asking low level questions
b. A willingness to suspend judgment until sufficient evidence is presented
c. Asking convergent questions
d. Blind obedience to authority
27. With the use of mnemonics the students are able to ___ information
a. Analyze
b. Understand
c. Apply
d. Remember
28. The following is true about teacher as facilitators of learning except
a. Teacher does more talk so learners talk less
b. Teacher makes use of interactive teaching strategies
c. Teacher caters to multiple intelligence
d. Teacher does less talk for learners to talk more
29. According to Erickson, a child who is cold towards the people around him might have failed to
attain what basic goal based on psychosocial development?
a. Autonomy
b. Trust
c. Initiative
d. Mistrust
30. When a boy of 5 years old shows extreme attachment to his mother, he is likely to be
undergoing the ___ stage of psychosexual development
a. Oedipal complex
b. Latent stage
c. Phallic stage
d. Pre-genital stage
Harold, a 6 y/o boy likes to play with his friens, but easily gets angry when defeated. Piaget’s
theory states that this pupil is under what development stage?
a. Concrete operation
b. Sensorimotor
c. Formal operation
d. Pre-operation
What is the most likel characteristics of children aged 3 to 5 according to Erickson?
a. Mischievous
b. Egocentric
c. Lazy
d. Altruistic
Two years of age are described as “terrible two” by Erickson because __
a. They are inquisitive
b. They are sickly
c. They are playful
d. They are assertive
A person who is friendly and has a capacity to make people laugh possessess
a. Naturalistic intelligence
b. Spatial intelligence
c. Intrapersonal intelligence
d. Interpersonal intelligence
A child who always fight with his/hr classmates, who has a very short attention span, and who
has frequent tantrums is believed to be suffering from
a. Mental retardation
b. Downs syndrome
c. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
d. Learning disability
If teachers want to attain effective learning, they should first satisfy the basic needs of their
students. This is based on the theory of ___
a. Rogers
b. Murray
c. Horney
d. Mawlow
Freud: sexual in nature: Erickson: ___
a. Social
b. Cultural
c. Physical
d. Biological
Metacognition is primarily characterized by
a. Recalling the past lesson
b. Visualizing in advance
c. Formulating hypothesis
d. Thinking about their thinking
The following are characteristics of ADHD except
a. Hyperactivity
b. Focus
c. Inattention
d. Impulsivity
Teacher Alejandro would like to focus the lesson on the definition of “dicotyledon”. His lesson
therefore is focusing on ____ skill
a. Affective skill
b. Cognitive skill
c. Psychomotor skill
d. Holistic skill
He is considered as the first special education student
a. Victor of Aveyron
b. Tarzan of the Jungle
c. The hunchback of Sparta
d. The court jester
He pioneered in student-centered learning
a. Thomas Gordon
b. Erik Erickson
c. Carl Rogers
d. Rousseau
This premier behaviorist once said: Give me a dozen healthy infants, well-formed, and my own
specified world to bring them up in and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random and train him
to become any type of specialist. I might select-doctor, lawyer, artist, merchant-chief, and, yes,
even beggar-man and thief, regardless of his talents, penchants, tendencies, abilities, vocations,
and race of his ancestors.”
a. Bandura
b. Watson
c. Rogers
d. Erickson
His best contribution to the world of education is the 3 laws (law of effect, law of readiness and
law of exercise)
a. Rousseau
b. Pavlov
c. Thorndike
d. Bandura
The teachers’ widely accepted view of giving rewards to students is the legacy of
a. Dewey
b. Bruner
c. Kounin
d. Skinner
One of the main proponent of Gestalt and who believes that the whole is more than the sum of
all its parts
a. Bruner
b. Thorndike
c. Wertheimer
d. Lewin
According to this theorist, our behavior at a particular time is a product of the interaction of two
factors, internal and external
a. Lewin
b. Wertheimer
c. Locke
d. Jung
According to this developmental psychologist, children’s thinking skills move from simplicity to
a. Bandura
b. Thorndike
c. Piaget
d. Freud
This particular theorist believes that the mind is blank at birth
a. Allport
b. Skinner
c. Locke
d. Binet
He is generally considered as the father of modern education
a. Collins
b. Comenius
c. Aristotle
d. Hagel
Kindergarten movement is the legacy of this man who is considered the father of kindergaten
a. Pestalozzi
b. Froebel
c. Montessori
d. Collins
He once said: Education is not a preparation for life.. it is life”
a. Montessori
b. Dewey
c. Havighurst
d. Skinner
An advocate of “project method”
a. Kilpatrick
b. Herbert
c. Havighurst
d. Dewey
He proposed that every child is born with a unique potential, his individuality, that this potential
remained unfullfilled until it was analysed and transformed by education
a. Lewin
b. Kohler
c. Herbert
d. Havighurst
He pioneered in coming up with a list of developmntal task as individuals pass through the
developmental stage
a. Havighurst
b. Hurlock
c. Anastasi
d. Piaget
This educator is famous for applying classical education to impoverished children of Chicago
a. Collins
b. Montessori
c. Froebel
d. Piaget
This educator opposes the traditional noion that students are empty vessels. He call this
traditional technique as banking system
a. Herbart
b. Locke
c. Freire
d. Rousseau
One of the primary tenets of this philosophy is that learners construct their own meaning from
new information, as they interact with reality or others with different perspectives.
a. Constructivism
b. Cognitivism
c. Freire
d. Rousseau
He pioneered in the study of language acquisition of children
a. Rousseau
b. Freire
c. Chomsky
d. Locke
Certain injury to the language are of the brain can cause the total loss of the ability to produce
and/or understand language, this condition is known as
a. Mutism
b. Aphasia
c. Aspergers
d. Dyslexia
___ is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social-interaction and
communication and by restricted and repetitive behavior
a. Mental retardation
b. Autism
c. Adhd
d. Physical disabilities
___ refers to quantitative changes in an individual as he progresses in chronological age
a. Development
b. Growth
c. Cephalocaudal
d. Proximodistal
____ refers to progressive series of changes of an orderly coherent type leading to the
individual’s maturation
a. Development
b. Growth
c. Cephalocaudal
d. Proximodistal
___ is the ability of the brain to chang from experience
a. Intelligence
b. Learning
c. Thinking
d. Plasticity
Congressman Gahaman declared in front of his aides: “If you are going to do something wrong,
just make it a point not to be caught.. and don’t forget my share”. The congressman’s moral
stage may likely be in
a. Preconventional
b. Conventional
c. Post conventional
d. Between conventional and post conventional
Peter an 8 y/o boy announced in front of his class “let us not cheat bacause this is what our
conscience is telling us.” Peter’s moral stage is most likely is in
a. Pre conventional
b. Conventional
c. Post conventional
d. Between pre conventional and conventional
A type of learning that focuses on the assimilation of attitude, values and emotional reaction is
a. Cognitive
b. Affective
c. Psychomotor
d. Holistic
68. A tye of learning that focuses on the understanding of the external world through the senses
and muscles
a. Cognitive
b. Affective
c. Psychomotor
d. Holistic
69. On what theory is the sequencing of instruction anchored
a. BF Skinner’s operant conditioning theory
b. Bandura’s social learning theory
c. Gagne’s hierarchical theory
d. Thorndike law of effect
70. Mother asked the child “which is heavier, one kilo of gold or one kilo of cotton?” The child readil
answered “Mommy, one kilo of gold is heavier.” From this conversation, we can deduce that the
child is under ____ stage of cognitive development
a. Sensorimotor
b. Preoperational
c. Concrete operational
d. Formal operation
71. Teacher May bridges the student’s present skill and the desired level with a technique advised
by Vygotsky as
a. Challenging
b. Scaffolding
c. Inspiring
d. Motivating
72. Teacher Lea has been lecturing for more than an hour and she notices that students are not
anymore able to absorb additional information. This phenomenon is known as
a. Plateau of Learning
b. Stagnation
c. Procastination
d. Boredom
73. Planed ignoring, signal inference, and proximity control are technique used in ___
a. Managing temper tantrums
b. Operant conditioning
c. Managing surface behavior
d. Life-space interviewing
74. Based on this philosophy learning occurs when there are changes in mental structure
a. Cognitive dissonance
b. Constructivist
c. Cognitive learning model
d. Gestalt philosophy
75. The following are “red flags” in infant age one month except
a. Sucks poorly
b. Doesn’t blink when exposed to light
c. Rarely moves arms and legs
d. Cries aloud when hungry
A foreigner who is studying here in the Philippines was turned-off by the Filipinos’ way of eating
Balut and Frogs
a. Ethnocentrism
b. Colonial mentality
c. Xenocentrism
d. Culture shock
What need is a person trying to satisfy, when the person strives to develop himself to the fullest
a. Safety needs
b. Physiological needs
c. Sense of belonging
d. Self-actualization
This period is the transition between childhood to adulthood
a. Puberty
b. Adolescence
c. Late childhood
d. Early adulthood
The following are factors affecting motor development of children except
a. Maternal nutrition
b. Early stimulation
c. Child nutrition
d. Preschool education
The disorder typically presents itself during chldhood, and is characterized by a persistent
pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity, as well as forgetfulness, poor impluse control or
impulsivity, and distractibility
a. Autism
b. Aspergers
c. Mental retardation
d. Adhd
Who among the following claimed that children are natural learners and therefore must be
taught in natural settings?
a. Montessori
b. Kohlberg
c. Piaget
d. Froebel
According to John Licke the mind at birth is ‘tabula rasa’ or
a. With skills already present
b. Blank sheet
c. Full of ideas
d. Open for new ideas
83. To determine her students’ level of moral development. Teacher Lawrence presents to his class
a morally ambiguous situation and asks them what they would do in such a situation. On whose
theory is Teacher Lawrence’s technique based
a. Bruner
b. Piaget
c. Freud
d. Kohlberg
84. The concept that learning to read or write does not happen quickly but is built upon many small
steps that occur over the course of the child’s early childhood
a. Emergent literacy
b. Functional literacy
c. Innate literacy
d. Academic literacy
85. Teacher Marissa would like to employ Operant Conditioning on her students to increase the
probabilities of greater participation during discussion. It is highly possible that teacher Marissa
a. Put more emphasis on sharing and consistently guide them to new ideas
b. Allow them to think about thinking
c. Give a star token to those who will participate
d. Let them exercise metacognitive approaches to better understand the topic
86. This group is the “real world” of the teenager
a. Peer group
b. Reference group
c. In group
d. Circle
87. According to Jean Piaget, “animism” occurs during ___
a. Sensorimotor
b. Preoperational
c. Concrete operational
d. Formal operation
88. According to Krathwohls’s affective domain of objectives, ____ is the lowest level of affective
a. Valuing
b. Characterization
c. Responding
d. Organization
89. The following negates facilitating learning except
a. Focus on the right side of the brain
b. Involve both sides of the brain
c. Focus on cognitive objectives all the time
d. Focus on the left side of the brain
90. Teachers are facilitators of learning. Which among the following negates this principle
a. Familiar with the latest innovations in teaching
b. Performs not only classroom roles but community involvement as well
c. Uses proactive discipline methods
d. Ridicules background of the students
The nearest to the real thing according to Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience is
a. Watching demo
b. Attending exhibit
c. Hearing and listening
d. Viewing images
According to Maslow, the highest of the need in the Hierarchy of Needs theory is
a. Psychological need
b. Self-actualization
c. Belongingness
d. Safety
In Piaget’s concrete operational stage, a teacher should provide
a. Activities for hypothesis formulation
b. Learning activities that involve problems of classification and order
c. Activities for evaluation purposes
d. Stimulating environment with ample objects to play with
A student is finding it hard to read. When the guidance counselor traced the child’s history, the
counselor was able to find out that the student came from a dysfunctional family, aside from
that, the child was abused and neglected. What could have caused the student’s reading
a. Emotional factors
b. Poor teaching
c. Neurological factors
d. Immaturity
Laughing at a two-year old child who uttered a bad word is not a proper thing to do because in
this stage of the child’s life, the child is ___
a. Considering the views of others
b. Distinguishing sex differences
c. Socializing
d. Distinguishing right from wrong
A child was punished for cheating in an exam. For sure the child won’t cheat again in short span
of time, but this does not guarantee that the child won’t cheat ever again. Based on Thorndike’s
theory on punishment and learning, this shows that __
a. Punishment strengthens a response
b. Punishment removes response
c. Punishment doesn’t remove a response
d. Punishment weakens a response
A child who is cold towards the people around him might have failed to attain what basic goal
based on Erickson’s theory on psychosocial development?
a. Autonomy
b. Trust
c. Initiative
d. Mistrust
98. A boy is closer to his mother and a girl is close to her father. These instances are under
a. Oedipal complex
b. Latent stage
c. Phallic stage
d. Pre-genital stage
99. An adolescent exhibits what common characteristics?
a. Reasonable and secure
b. Feels intense emotions and sense of disequilibrium
c. Slow but steady physical growth
d. Passive and obedient
The school director emphasizes the necessity of clean and green environment to
contribute to effective teaching and learning. This is an example of
a. Providing an atmosphere conducive to learning
b. Providing adequate physical facilities
c. Utilize educational technology
d. Establish rapport between teachers and pupils