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Geometry 357
3.1 Notes Day 2
Geometry 3.1 Notes Day 1
Lines and Angles
Objectives: Identify perpendicular, parallel and skew lines.
Parallel -
Perpendicular -
Lines BE and DF are skew.
Example 1 – In the diagram of the shopping bag below, each segment on the bag
represents a line.
1. BF and CG are ________________________
2. AB and AD are ________________________
3. AE and FG are _________________________
4. Name two lines that are perpendicular to FG.
5. Name a line skew to BF. _________________
6. Name a plane that appears parallel to plane HGC. ______________________
Geometry 357
3.1 Notes Day 2
Example 2 – Think of each segment in the diagram as part of a line.
7. Name a line perpendicular to HD.
8. Name a plane parallel to DCH.
9. Name a line parallel to BC.
10. Name a line skew to FG.