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Week 7
Plants Transformation
• the introduction of foreign genes into plant cells
and the subsequent regeneration of
transgenic plants
• In nature, usually mediated (perantaran) by
Agrobacterium tumefaciens, a soil plant
pathogenic bacterium.
Sources: de la Riva et. Al., Agrobacterium tumefaciens: a natural tool for
plant transformation, Electronic journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 1, (3).
of the crown gall tumors
Formation of Crown Gall Tumor
• tumor formation may be a result of the gene
transfer from A. tumefacien to infected plant
• ability to transfer a particular DNA segment
(T-DNA) of the tumor-inducing (Ti) plasmid
into the nucleus of infected cells where it is
then stably integrated into the host genome
and transcribed, causing the crown gall
Questions for Assignment
1. Illustrate mechanism of tumor induction by
A. tumefaciens related to T-DNA transfer.
2. What are the beneficial uses of Plant
Transformation in Plant Biotechnology.
3. Establish an example of the concept of plant
transformation towards development of
transgenic plant through genetic engineering.
Questions for Assignment
4. Propose modification of steps in methodology
of performing plant transformation among
5. Establish steps in plant micropropagation
starting from explant selection until
6. Analysis several problems may encounter
when conducting plant micropropagation.
Questions for Assignment
7. Evaluate the production of plant secondary
metabolite using cell and tissue culture
8. Propose a method on the production of
plantlet from cell suspension cultures using an
identified example.
9. What is somaclonal variation. Analyze the
occurrence of this phenomenon in cell and
tissue culture technique.
Terms and Conditions
1. Prepare the assignment base on numbering
of your group.
2. Each assignment should not less than 3 and
exceed 5 pages.
3. Each assignment should comprise of texts
and related figures.
4. Format of assignment depend on
requirement of question.
5. Submit within 2 weeks time.