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Rhythm Rhyme Results
Layers of the Earth - Crossword Puzzle
5 the inner and outer ____are rarely referred to
as one
6 the mantle of the Earth accounts for almost
____of the planet's mass
7 the layer of Earth that accounts for almost 1/2
of the planet
9 the hottest layer of the Earth (2 words)
11 the thickness and the depth of the Earth are
measured in _________
13 the fraction 1/5 = _____%
14 the outer core and the _____ are cooler on
the top than on the bottom
16 'tectonic shift' refers to the movement of
17 the thinnest layer of the Earth (2 words)
18 what the units of measure that are used to
measure the Earth's heat are called
20 the continential crust is made up primarily of
22 the name of the temperature scale used to
measure Earth's heat is _________________
23 the coolest layer of the Earth (2 words)
1 the iron in the inner core is in _____ form
2 there are four distinct _______of the Earth
3 the Earth's surface is 70% ____________
4 a source of 'fresh' water on Earth
8 the oceanic and continental_____ are often
referred to as one
10 the inner core and the _________ are
responsible for the Earth's magnetism (2 words)
12 the layer of the Earth that ranges from 4,000
to 9,000 degrees (2 words)
13 the Earth's mantle ranges from 1,800 to
4_________ degrees
14 the full name of the element that helps create
the Earth's magnetic field (2 words)
15 the movement of plates in the Earth's mantle
commonly known as ____________ (2 words)
19 what the core at the center of the earth is
21 the iron in the outer core is in ________ form
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