Download Inside Earth`s Layers Earth has four different types of layers. These

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October, 29 2013
Mrs. Latyn
Inside Earth’s Layers
Earth has four different types of layers. These layers are the crust, mantle, outer
core, and inner core. Scientists could learn more about Earth by studying seismic
The crust is Earth’s outermost layer. We live on it and it’s the thinnest layer.
The crust is made of solid rock. It is deeper under continents than oceans.
Beneath the crust is the mantle. It’s the layer of rock lying below the crust. It’s
the thickest layer. Rocks move or flow due to pressure and high temperatures.
Under the mantle is the outer core. It’s the layer between the mantle and inner
core. The outer is totally liquid. It’s made of melted iron. The inner core floats on this
Below the outer core is the Inner core. The inner core is the center of the
Earth. It spins at a different rate then the rest of Earth. It’s a solid sphere made up of
mostly iron.
The four layers all have a job. Scientists could use better technology in the
future to learn more about inside the Earth.