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Name: ___________________________________________________Period: __________ Date: ____________________
Use the Layers of the Earth Handout and the Earth Science Text, Pages 233 – 237, to answer the following questions.
Color the handout according to the directions on the handout. This will be your divide for the new unit we will begin
next week on Plate Tectonics.
1. According to the text, what are the two ways scientists define the layers of Earth?
2. What are the layers based on composition?
3. What are the layers based on physical properties?
4. According to the text, how deep is the deepest well we have drilled?
5. Since we are unable to see the layers of Earth, how do scientists know what the inside of Earth actually looks
6. In your own words, describe what density is.
7. Explain how density played in the formation of Earth’s layers?
8. Describe the crust. What is the most abundant element in the crust?
9. What are the two types of crust and what are they made of?
10. Describe the Mantle.
11. Describe the core.
12. What happens to temperature, density and pressure as you move from the crust to the core?
13. If the inner core of Earth is hotter than the outer core, why is the inner core solid and the outer core liquid?
14. What is the Moho Boundary?
15. Complete the following table.
Outer Core
Inner Core