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What is Content Marketing?
• Content Marketing is any marketing format that
involves the creation and sharing of content in
order to acquire and engage customers with the
objective of driving profitable customer action.
• With traditional marketing, marketers go to their
audience (interruption) presenting deals, offers
or sales.
• With content marketing, you make your audience
come to you, by providing content they find
entertaining, interesting, engaging and unique.
This is called permission marketing.
Why Should I Use Content Marketing?
• It’s cheap and easy to make:
• As a publisher, we have unlimited access to
hundreds of thousands of books, journals, figures
and Elsevier content.
• It is hugely persuasive:
• 80% of business decision makers prefer to get
company information in a series of articles, not ads.
• Endears audience to your product/brand:
• 70% say CM makes them feel closer to the
sponsoring company *cough, cough Amazon*
• It supports their decision to purchase:
• 60% say that company content helps them make
better product decisions.
Leveraging CM: Know Your Audience
• With traditional marketing, marketers
go to their audience (interruption)
presenting deals, offers or sales.
• With content marketing, you make your
audience come to you, by providing
content they find entertaining,
interesting, engaging and unique.
• Know your audience! Learn their:
• Online habits
• Demographics
• Interests
• Keywords
• Find and target key influencers
Connecting with Your Audience: Brand Evangelists
• There are billions of potential advertisers out
there - they’re called your audience.
• Good audience members who like you products
become “brand evangelists” – they are the ones
that surf the web, read your content and share it
with their friends and online communities.
• While generating a sale is great, the goal of
content marketing is to BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE
• Simply put, they’ll do all the heavy lifting, so long
as you make it worth their while.
Making Good Content: Creating and Repurposing
• Good content is in the eye of the beholder
• Know your audience
• Know what’s popular/trending
• Be original!
• The same content can be repurposed and
reused for difference audiences, different
campaigns and different products.
• Repurposed content can take the form of:
• Blog posts/online articles
• Whitepapers
• Infographics
• Memes
• Videos, photos and other media
Distributing Content: The Sharing Economy
• Once you know your audiences’ preferences,
find ways to reach them on social media,
through email and online.
• They are the ones that will talk about, tweet,
share, like and mention your product to their
• Use keywords, hashtags and content that is
searchable in Google on Facebook and Twitter.
• Create Pages, Handles or other online
community spaces where you can funnel your
content to the right people (not Grumpy Cat).
• Create email distribution lists with “opt ins”
What Does CM Look Like to Science and Technology Books?
Elsevier Content:
Non-Elsevier Content:
• Book Content – eBook/print, images,
figures and tables.
• Author blogs and websites
• Articles – SciTech Connect, Elsevier
• Landing pages – Elsevier eStore
• Media – photos, videos and podcasts.
• Press Releases/Reviews –
• Freemium/Free content – Sample
chapters, PDFs, Presentations, eBooklets
• Author videos, photos, media
• Book reviews, “top 10” reading lists
• Q&A forums (IamA – Reddit) and
• Presentations/Slide shows
• Conference talks/Event keynotes
• Content Curation – add to discussion
DIY Content Marketing – Brainstorm and Breakouts
• 45 minutes for breakout session
• Develop CM strategy that aligns with:
• Business goals
• Deep Verticals
• Product/channel content
• Define:
• Audience(s)
• Business objective(s)
• Content/Products used (sources)
• Strategy
• Tactics used
• Measurement/metrics
• Workflow
• Points of contact
• Feasibility/time frame
• Next Steps
Group 1:
• Cindy, Louise, Nancy, Cory,
Group 2:
• Ofelia, Nick, Becky, Aizan, Maria,
Group 3:
• Stu, Caitlin B., Nat, Rebecca,
Michelle, Andrew
Group 4:
• Neil, Carol, Ben, Rachelle, Mike
Cheat Sheet: Content Resources
Content Sources:
SciTech Connect Author Blog–
Elsevier Connect (reviews/publicity) -
Elsevier eStore (book covers, previews, related content) –
Book Content (images, quotes, figures, sample chapters) – Book Finder
Social media content -
Photos, videos and presentations – ex. Youtube search “reference modules”
Offsite/author content – Google/keyword search
7 Content Marketing Best Practices
1. Know your audience – learn their interests,
preferences cater content to them.
2. Find timely, relevant and unique subject matter
3. Create/repurpose content – fit to audience
4. Share and disseminate online – target audience
5. Engage and discuss with evangelists - create
mini-marketers that rep your product/brand.
6. Repurpose/reformat content – expand your
audience reach, cast a wider net
7. Retention– Follow up campaigns/re-engage and
keep discussion going with new content.