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The 5 Components
of a Successful
Online Marketing
Whether you’re thinking of taking your business to the
next level or initiating a new ecommerce project or
marketing campaign, the level of success will be
determined by your online marketing strategy.
The strategy formulation and ideas you’ll see in the next
few pages are the results of years of direct observation
and hands on experience from | [email protected] | +297 661 7780
Before we start, let’s get the definitions right. There are
many definitions for strategy from the outright complex
versions to outdated ideas.
Online marketing strategy can be simplified as
Strategy = I think
Tactics = I do
More specifically:
Strategy = Analysis, planning, ideation
Tactics = Mechanisms, activities, deployment
And if you drill down even more:
Strategy- =tactics
= Einstein's
in a jar
Tactics - strategy = Einstein without a brain at all
Tactics = Mechanisms, activities, deployment
Strategy + tactics = GROWTH
Next: let’s look at the 5 key components…
5 components of an online marketing strategy
Advertising - a
judicious mixture of
flattery and threats
Next: customers, who are they?…
Source and copyright: 2011
Components of an online marketing strategy?
There is a simple truth. Customers don’t care about you or your company . What
customers really want to know is how you are going to solve their current problems. Are
you going to relieve their worries or is your service or product going to bring them
happiness? Because of this fact, you have only one job to do: to understand your
customers’ fears, wants and desires.
Your job as a marketer is to fully know:
1. Who are your customers?
2. Do you clearly understand your customer perspective?
3. What are their needs and goals?
Next: your positioning…
Components of an online marketing strategy?
Within 5 seconds of shaking someone’s hand you are able to draw some conclusions of
the person’s disposition: friendliness, height, speaking tone, confidence and much
more. So it is with your company. The value of your product or service, your unique
competitive advantage, should be clear within 5 seconds of visiting your site. What
benefit do you offer consumers? You need to make the immediate benefit or ROI of
using your service or product crystal clear. For example, does an
excellent job with their value proposition. They don’t sell diamonds, they sell moments
that last forever.
What you should know:
1. What problems do your prospects have that your business solves?
2. What makes you different (your Unique Selling Points. USP)?
3. What is your value proposition?
Next: the message…
Components of an online marketing strategy?
Advertising - a
judicious mixture
of flattery and
Writing copy (content) is one of the most important elements of any effective online
marketing campaign. Copywriting involves creatively delivering words that get people
to take some form of action. It’s best explain with the following quote:
“Advertising is based on one thing: happiness. And do you know what happiness
is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a
billboard on the side of a road that screams with reassurance that whatever
you’re doing is Okay. You are Okay”. Don Draper
What you should know:
1. What are the product/service truths?
2. What do we need to do to communicate this?
3. What do we want the audience to do?
Next: tactics…
Components of an online marketing strategy?
Any successful business uses multiple customer acquisition channels, constantly
adapting its tactics to shifting trends in the market. It’s important that a business
experiments with several online channels to find out which one performs best. While it’s
natural to immediately think of Google and Facebook as advertising channels, the truth
is there are 100’s of possible effective channels. The deeper you go, the more targeted
your campaign will be and the cheaper the overall acquisition costs.
Your job is to find out where you customers live online and target them with:
Paid Search
Display Advertising
Lead Generation
Email Marketing
Retargeting Advertising
Affiliate Marketing
Social Marketing
Sponsorships and much more…
Next: measuring…
Components of an online marketing strategy?
Unlike tv, radio and print, online marketing gives you powerful analytics tools to
measure your performance. As a business you have to be able to track from the first
click all the way to a conversion or action. Similarly you need to track across all
channels: website, Google, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Why is all of this
important? Consider the phrase below:
“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know
which half” John Wanamaker
What you should do:
1. Choose the right tracking and measuring technology
2. Set up tracking
3. Measure every $$$ spent and re-allocate budget to most profitable channel
4. Optimise, optimise, optimise
Next: Key takeaways
Components of an online marketing strategy?
Advertising - a
judicious mixture
of flattery and
We leave you with these key takeaways:
1. Online marketing like everything else is constantly evolving. Experiment.
2. Online marketing isn’t just Facebook, banners or driving traffic. It’s about creating a
coherent strategy. It’s about creating a marketing machine that lets you track,
optimise and get results.
3. Start now. If you’re not online, your competition will be. And most importantly your
customers already are online.
Next: contact…
Components of an online marketing strategy?
Advertising - a
judicious mixture
of flattery and
Should you find any of this daunting, there’s a huge amount of help and
information already on the internet. Someone else has almost always been
there first and left some advice on how to navigate your way through these
issues. And don’t forget that you can always contact us at for
help and advice. | [email protected] | +297 661 7780