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The Layers of the
Vocabulary words
outer core
inner core
Day 1
• B: Earth Layer’s pre-assessment
• D: Earth Layers notes
• A: Exit Slip
Earth Layers
• The Earth is divided into four main layers.
Inner Core
Outer Core
The Crust
• The crust is the
outermost layer of the
• This crust is not a solid
shell. It is broken up into
huge, thick plates that
drift on top of the soft,
underlying mantle.
• It is made of oxygen,
silicon, aluminum.
Two Types of Crust
• Continental crust is the crust the makes up the
continents. It is thicker and older than oceanic crust.
• Oceanic crust is the crust below the oceans. It is thinner
and younger than the continental crust.
• Example: 
The Mantle
• The mantle is the layer
of Earth between the
crust and the core.
• ● It contains most of
the Earth’s mass.
• ● It has more
magnesium and less
aluminum and silicon
than the crust.
• ● The mantle is
denser than the crust.
The mantle divided into 2 parts:
• Upper mantle
• Lower mantle.
Sub Layers of the Mantle
This is the “crunchy” layer of the Earth.
It includes the crust and the very uppermost part of
the upper Mantle.
Soft – can bend like plastic, layer in the upper
portion of the mantle.
It is located right below the Lithosphere.
Lithosphere floats on this layer (like jello)
Day 2
The core
• CORE: (Egg Yolk)
• Located below the Mantle.
• It is divided into 2 layers
Outer Core
Inner Core
Outer Core
• Is liquid and is made up of mostly
iron (easily magnetized)
• The movement of materials in
the liquid O.C. is inferred to be
the cause of Earth’s magnetic
• The O.C. is about 2250 km thick.
Inner Core
• Is the center of the Earth – 1200 km
• It’s solid iron and nickel. Most dense
layer (heaviest)
• The increased pressure causes the
I.C. to be solid
Students: Draw this illustration.
Exit Slip:
1) What are the four layers of the Earth?
2) The Earth’s crust is very ______?
3) The mantle is the largest layer of the
Earth? True or False
4) Is the Outer Core a liquid or a solid?
1) Crust, Mantle, Outer Core, Inner Core
2) Thin
3) True
4) Liquid
Day 3
• B: EGG demonstration
• D: Play Bill Nye video with worksheet
• Link to video:
• A: Compare notes
After the video:
• After the video list 3 things you know now
because of the video that you did not know
• 1.
• 2.
• 3.
Day 3 (optional)
• The ppt may take 2 days so I left this as a
“catch up”/optional day.
• Before: Read Magic school bus “Inside
the Earth”
• During: Earth’s layers foldable
• After: Complete the foldable and keep as
a study guide