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Identifying Sentence
….another tactic to help you become
a better writer!
#1: Cause & Effect
• The second sentence states
an effect that is caused by
the first sentence.
#1 cont.
Ex: The students were wearing inappropriate
clothes to school. The school board decided it
was time to implement uniforms.
**Test for this option by putting the words “as a
result” after the 1st sentence
#2: Problem/Solution
• The first sentence presents a
problem that needs to be
solved, the second sentence
gives a possible solution.
#2 cont.
• Ex: Water shortages in the western United
States are becoming a serious problem. The
government needs to limit the amount of
water that individuals can use for personal
**Test for this option by adding “to solve this
problem” between sentences
#3: Example
• The first sentence presents
an idea, then the second
sentence gives an example
of the idea.
#3 cont.
• For ex: Grass seeds can move from continent
to continent by attaching themselves to the fur
of animals and to the clothes and belongings
of man. The slave trade brought three grasses,
including Bermuda grass, from Africa to the
United States.
• **Test for this option by adding “FOR
EXAMPLE” after the 1st sentence.
#4: Contrasting
• When one sentence states
one opinion and the next
sentence states an
opposite viewpoint.
#4 Cont.
• Emmit Smith has more rushing yards than any
other running back in the history of the NFL.
However, Barry Sanders is a better running back
because he would have surpassed Emmit’s total in
yards if he would have had a better offensive line.
• **Test for this option by finding an opposing
transition word: however or on the other hand
#5: Restate/Repeat
• When one sentence states
an idea and the second
sentence expands upon
that same idea.
#5 cont.
• For Ex: While many students may find the
study of grammar to be unimportant, many
studies have shown that the ways in which
someone writes will determine how their ideas
are viewed. Students who do not spend the
energy developing good grammar may see
their ideas disregarded simply because of the
grammatical errors.
• **Test for this option by asking “Why” or
“How” in between sentences
Warm-up: Tuesday
**for each of the following sentences,
explain the relationship between the two.
• One newspaper decided that Britney Spears
was the “Celebrity of the Decade”. However,
another source gave that title to Kanye West.
• Water levels in the Great Lakes have dropped
to dangerous levels. Officials have decided to
ban the use of piping water to Canada in order
to help boost the overall level.
Warm-Up: Wednesday
**for each of the following sentences,
explain the relationship between the
• A recent study showed that teenagers who only
get 5 hours of sleep a night are 10 times more
likely to become depressed. The study also
concluded that these same teenagers are twice as
likely to contemplate suicide.
• The character Crooks shows powerlessness in
many different ways. One way is seen through his
attitude about Lennie visiting his room in the
Warm-up: Thursday
The death penalty is costing the
United States millions of dollars.
Therefore, we should outlaw it in all
In the end, Curley’s wife, Crooks,
and Lennie all show examples of
powerlessness. They show readers
that if a person just allowed another
person a voice, all peoples’ lives
would be much happier.
Justified Actions
• With the person at your table—decide your opinion on each of the
following statements on a ½ sheet. Also provide an explanation for each
• You can only rescue one of each of the following, which do
you save?
a) A child or an adult
b) A stranger or your dog
c) Hitler or lassie
d) Your spouse or a Nobel Peace Prize Winner
• e) A dog or a weasel
f) Your entire family or the entire canine species
g) A bottle with the cure for heart disease or your brother
h) A bottle with the cure for heart disease or your brother
who just gave you one of his kidneys
Quiz Questions
States have slashed education budgets to
cope with rising health care and retiree costs.
Parents and community organizations across
the country are devising ingenious ways to
raise money for local schools.
To describe its current marketing approach,
the automobile industry might want to dust off
the old slogan “power to the people.” This is
because Detroit and the foreign automakers
are in a horsepower war not seen since the
muscle car era of the 1960s.