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AP BIO 1st Semester Exam Essay Questions
READ the instructions carefully.
You must write in sentences. You may include diagrams, graphs or other visual pictures
to aid in your response. However, the visuals cannot replace written text and must be
referred to and explained in your text.
Short Questions (total 10% of exam score)
1. In some cases, a single nucleotide mutation does not lead to the creation of a
different protein.
In two or three sentences, explain how this can happen.
2. Glycoproteins produced in the rough endoplasmic reticulum may ultimately be
exported from the cell.
In two or three sentences, describe the pathway of the glycoprotein from the ER
to the outside of the cell.
3. Protons (H+) concentrate inside the thylakoids.
In two or three sentences, explain the purpose of this buildup.
4. A biochemist analyzed the composition of DNA extracted from cells of an
unknown species. She found the sample contains 28% adenine.
What is the expected amount of cytosine? Explain in two or three sentences.
Genetic variation is a product of meiosis.
In two or three sentences, describe how genetic variation is created by meiosis.
Long Question (10% of exam score)
Describe the structure of the plasma membrane and the various ways in which the
plasma membrane permits interactions with the outside environment.