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Sample Exam Questions– Biology 212
Note: This is not a review sheet. Its function is to familiarize you with the different types of
questions you may see on an exam.
Section 1: Questions in this section will be a combination of multiple choice, fill in the
blank, matching or a question that can be answered with a few words or short sentences.
For the following definitions, provide the correct term.
1. A heritable trait that enables organisms to survive and reproduce better under prevailing
environmental conditions.
2. A structure that has no function or a reduced function in a species, but may be fully
functional in a closely related species.
Answer the following questions.
3. List two of the several conditions that have to occur for the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium to
be true.
4. List two types of prezygotic barriers.
Section 2. Answers in this section typically require one or more sentences.
5. For the following pairs of terms provide a concise definition for each that will clearly
distinguish between the two terms. Be sure to include how the two terms are related to one
A. homologous structure / analogous structure
6. At the time of Darwin, special creation claimed that a) species were created independently
from one another, and b) that species do not change over time. Select one of these claims (a or
b) and create a counter argument using at least two different types of evidence from lecture to
support your argument.
7. A rock slide separates a population of lizards into two different groups. There is one small
area where individuals may pass back and forth between the two groups, although it is not a very
safe area to cross due to high risk of predation by birds. Will these two groups eventually
become separate species? Why or why not?
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