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What card takes money
directly from your checking or
savings account?
What is the numerical value applied
to your credit report by a consumer
credit bureau that rate an
individual’s creditworthiness for
What should you do to
prevent paying more interest
to the credit card company?
 Pay
minimum balances
 Pay more than minimum balances
What card allows you to
borrow money from a private
company and to keep a
revolving balance?
If you have a high credit
score, which is more likely?
 Your
APR will be higher
 Your APR will be lower
How long does bankruptcy
stay on your credit report?
What does APR stand for?
What APR applies to
purchases after you pay your
credit card late or go over the
What term is used to describe the
situation in which a person has a
balance for longer than 1 month?
What does your credit card
give you when you use it for a
cash advance?
When you use a credit card to
pay another debt such as an
amount from another credit
card, this is called:
What law protects your credit
card if it is lost or stolen?
Medical Bills are examples of:
 Secured
 Unsecured Debt
What are the three consumer
credit reporting agencies?
What law protects your debit
card if it is lost or stolen?
Car Loans are examples of:
 Secured
 Unsecured Debt
Which of the 3 C’s of credit,
does the following relate to?
 what
assets does the consumer have that
could be taken by the creditor if the loan
is not paid
What are the benefits of
having a good credit score?
Which of the 3 C’s of credit
analyzes how much does a
consumer earns and would be
able to afford?
How can you improve your
credit score?
What are the consequences
of declaring bankruptcy
What is an _____?
 It
is something of value that the consumer
possesses. Examples include
Money in bank accounts
What is a ____?
 It
is an amount of money that is owed to a
Which law allows the consumer to see an accurate credit report that
is available upon your request?
What is probably happening
to you when these things are
 They
charge you an up-front fee
 They guarantee you money before
reviewing your application
Which of the 3 C’s of credit
analyzes a consumer’s
patterns of payment?
Can an employer see your
credit report?
Mandated by the Truth in Lending
Act, this is the table of information
that describes the terms of your
credit card: