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Korean War
Forgotten War
World War II
38th parallel temporary solution to dispute
between United States and Soviet Union
North: Soviet Union
South: United States
June 1950 war breaks out
North Korean troops invade South Korea with
Soviet tanks and airpower.
Conquer South Korea in weeks
U.S. gains support of U.N.
Soviets could not use
veto power b/c they
were not there
Left b/c China was not
allowed into the U.N.
Police action 16
nations involved
U.S. made-up 80% of
General Douglas MacArthur
Excellent military strategist
Landed at Pusan
Only portion of South Korea not conquered by
North Korea
Attached weakest point
Inchon: cut-off troops and supplies lines of the
North Koreans
Nov. 1950 Pushed North Koreans almost into
China responds with aggression
Did not want a western influenced country as a
China with the help of the N. Koreans pushed
U.N. forces back across the 38th parallel
MacArthur wants to open a second front to end
Truman does not widespread war in Asia
1953 Truce was signed
54,000 U.S. solders killed
103,000 wounded
1st war where white &
negro solders served in
the same unit
Military spending
Signed treaty with Japan