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Short Answer
Short Answer Questions
What were the three leaders that met at Potsdam Conference?
- Truman
- Atlee
- Stalin
What five nations are the permanent members of the Security Council of the
United Nations?
- United States
- Great Britain
- Soviet Union (Russia)
- China
- France
Why did Truman fire MacArthur?
- He was told to not criticize the President, and that it was to be a limited war
MacArthur talked of escalating the war and criticized the President so he
he was fired.
Short Answer Questions
Why did McCarthyism succeed at first but then fall out of favor?
- It succeeded because there was a fear of Communists infiltrating American
government, and Republicans played on that fear. It fill out of favor when
McCarthy attacked the American military.
How effective do you think U.S. efforts to win the Cold War were during the late
1940’s and the 1950’s? Support you opinion by stating two facts and your
Section 1
Who traveled the U.S. and made the “iron curtain” speech?
Winston Churchill
Who was the diplomat in Moscow that suggested Containment to prevent the spread of
communism to other countries?
George Kennan
Who came up with the saying “The Buck Stops Here?” (President after Roosevelt)
Harry Truman
What organization was created in San Francisco and is based in New York?
United Nations
Stalin made a speech announcing that communism and capitalism were incompatible, that
was viewed by the west as a ______________.
Declaration of WWIII
What are nations under domination of another? (Poland, Romania are examples)
Satellite Nations
What term describes the conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union in which
neither nations directly confronted the other on the battlefield lasting from 1945 to the
break up of the Soviet Union in 1991?
Cold War
What program lasted over four years and 16 nations received some $13 billion in aid?
Marshall Plan
What was the sending of supplies by plane to West Berlin?
Berlin Airlift
What was American policy that supported the free peoples who are resisting attempted
subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures?
Truman Doctrine
The following countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy,
Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and Portugal joined the United States and Canada
formed what?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Where did the Nationalist Chinese flee to after their defeat in their civil war?
Where was the site of the amphibious invasion of Korea by American forces, it flanked
the North Koreans and got them to retreat?
What was the main issue why there was not a cease fire in the Korean War?
Prisoner Exchange
What was the port where the Americans retreated to in Korea?
What country intervened with soldiers in the Korean War, they aided North Korea?
Who led the communist Chinese during their civil war?
Mao Zedong
Who led the Nationalist Chinese during their civil war?
Chaing Kai-shek (Jang Jeishi in your Global days
Who led the American troops in Korea at the end of the Korean War?
Mathew B. Ridgway
Who was the leader of South Korea during the Korean War?
Syngman Rhee
Who was the Secretary of State who neglected to include Korea as part as the American
defense in the Pacific?
Dean Acheson
Who was the leader of North Korea during the Korean War?
Kim Il Sung
Who led the American troops at the beginning of the Korean War?
Douglas MacArthur
What was to investigate government employees and to dismiss those who were found to be
disloyal to the U.S?
Loyalty Review Board
What was the label of the people in the movie industry who decided not to cooperate
because they believed the hearings were unconstitutional?
Hollywood Ten
What term describes attacks on suspected Communists in the early 1950’s?
Who was the Senator that went after communists, he checked into the testimony of
Whittaker Chambers?
Richard Nixon
Who was one of the co-authors of the “Declaration of Conscious” which attacked
Margaret Smith
What organization began to investigate Communist influence in the movie industry?
House on Un-American Activities Committee
What law made it unlawful to plan any action that might lead to establishment of a
totalitarian dictatorship in the United States?
McCarran Internal Security Act
Who was not guilty of being a communist spy but found guilty of perjury—for lying of
passing of documents?
Alger Hiss
What people were executed for giving away atomic secrets to the Soviets?
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
What bomb was 67 times stronger that the bomb on Hiroshima was tested November 1,
Hydrogen Bomb
What site was to withstand a nuclear blast, it was to detect Soviet attack and is located in
Cheyenne Mountain?
We replaced the leader of Iran with pro-American Shah ____.
Who was the Egyptian leader who nationalized the Suez Canal?
What eastern European country revolted against Soviet rule? (1950’s)
What idea hoped one could avoid war by building enough nuclear weapons that the other
side won’t go to war for it will assure destruction to all involved?
What was used to overthrow governments that were anti-American?
Central Intelligence Agency
What did the Soviet Union formed after West Germany joined NATO in 1955?
Warsaw Pact
What was the idea that the United States would defend the Middle East against an attack by
any communist country?
Eisenhower Doctrine
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union after the death of Stalin?
Nikita Khrushchev
What was the name of the first satellite launched into space?
Who was the pilot that was shot down in the Soviet Union?
Francis Powers
What brought the United States and Soviet Union closer to war?
U2 Incident