Download UN forces take the port of Inchon and then recapture Seoul

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UN forces take the port of
Inchon and then recapture
Harry S Truman asks the
United Nations to send forces
to South Korea.
The United States and the
Soviet Union divide the
Korean Peninsula in half
along the 38th parallel.
A cease-fire agreement
establishes a demilitarized
zone between North and
South Korea.
China warns the United
States that it will support
North Korea.
After the UN forces retake
Seoul, the war enters a twoyear stalemate.
The Communists recapture
Huge numbers of Chinese
troops attack UN forces,
forcing UN forces to retreat
south back across the 38th
Truman fires General
Douglas MacArthur.
The UN forces capture the
North Korean capital of
Pyongyang and move north
toward the Yalu River.
Truman immediately
employs police action in
South Korea.
MacArthur assures Truman
that neither China nor the
Soviet Union will interfere
with an invasion of North
Communist forces from
North Korea cross the 38th
parallel with the intention of
unifying Korea by force;
within days they capture
General MacArthur leads
American troops to stop the
Communist advance into
South Korea.