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Cardiff International School Dhaka (CISD)
Lost Class Make Up Assignment
Class -6 (A, B) Date 26.1.2015 (Monday)
Subject: Science (biology)
Unit: 3.2 (The heart)
1. Where is the position of your heart?
2. What is the size of your heart?
3. How many chambers have the heart present?
4. How the heart works?
5. Why valves are most important parts of the heart?
6. What is the special function of the valve in the big arteries?
7. What happens during one heart beat?
Instruction: You must read the chapter carefully and then solve the above question/answer from your
text, if you face any problem then please don’t hesitate to contact your subject teacher through over cell
phone or in e-mail, ph-01817125927, [email protected]