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16.2 Reading Guide
Read pages 606-610 in your textbook and answer the following questions.
1. What are balanced forces?
2. What is net force?
3. What are unbalanced forces?
4. Compare and Contrast: Give and example that describes the difference
between balanced and unbalanced forces.
5. What force cancels gravity, acting in the opposite direction with equal strength,
at the surface of a liquid?
6. How does surface tension work?
7. What is buoyant force?
8. What magnetic force?
9. What is nuclear force?
10. What is electric force?
11. What are the two types of charges that objects can have?
12. What happens when two objects with opposite charges meet?
13. What happens when two objects with the same charge meet?
14. What is the net force on an object if all the forces balance?
15. Compare and Contrast: Describe how the buoyant force and gravity affect
objects in your everyday environment.
16. What is friction and what does it do to motion?
17. Why would someone want to reduce friction?
18. Why would someone want to increase friction?
19. Compare and Contrast: Is there more friction between a car and a road on a
sunny day or a rainy day? Why?