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Free Body Diagram
Free Body Diagram
• Used to show all net forces acting on an object
• What can an object with a net force of zero be
• Draw the free body diagram for a box being
acted on by all the following forces: 5N (W),
3N(S), 8N (N), and 7N(E)
• Can it be at rest?
• Can it be at a constant speed?
• What is it doing?
There are Several Types of Forces that
can act on an Object
1) Applied Force (Fa) – force applied on an object
by another object or person
2) Gravity (FG)– force of attraction between an
object and a large massive body (Earth)
- also known as Weight (W)
3) Normal (FN) – support force exerted on an
object by a stable surface
- perpendicular to surface of contact
- equal but opposite to gravity
4) Friction (Ff) – force that opposes motion; acts
in a direction opposite of motion
5) Air Resistance (Fair) – type of friction caused by
6) Tension (FT) – force transmitted through a
string rope or cable
Drawing Free Body Diagrams
1) A block rests on the floor.
2) A block hangs from a rope attached to the
3) A tractor pulls a loaded wagon with a constant
force. Ignore friction.
4) A book falls to the floor. Ignore air resistance.
5) A feather floats to the floor at a constant
velocity. Consider air resistance.
6) A car travels at a constant velocity
7) A cart initially moving across the floor slows to
a stop.