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Imperialism and Transformation Questions
1. Did President McKinley support or oppose imperialism?
2. What factors contributed to the US interest in Hawaii?
3. What was the McKinley Tariff Act?
4. What is annexation?
5. Why did Hawaii want to be annexed?
6. Describe Queen Liliuokalani’s policies and explain what happened to her?
7. What is opium?
8. Why didn’t the Chinese simply stop buying opium?
9. What caused the increase of opium addiction in the mid 19th century?
What caused the Opium War and what was the outcome?
What is the Open Door Policy?
Describe the Boxer Rebellion?
What is the Monroe Doctrine?
Why did the US join the Cuban War for Independence and what was the war called?
Why was the United States so interested in building the Panama Canal?