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Chapter 7 & Chapter 8 Study Guide
Being tested on Chapter 7.1, 7.2,7.3, 7.4, 8.1,8.3,8.5
Chapter 7
- Chapter 7 Vocabulary: medieval, Franks, Charlemagne, Vikings, Magyars,
feudalism, vassal, feudal contract, fief, knight, tournament, chivalry, manor,
serf, Benedictine rule, secular, papal supremacy, excommunication, interdict,
charter, capital, tenant farmer, middle class
-Charlemagne & his purpose
- Feudalism: How society is set up( class system), what is a feudal contract,
what is exchange in feudalism, What does each person in feudalism owe to
one another
What were the roles of the church priests, why was the village church
important? , How did the church & god view women, how were women
expected to act? What is Benedictine Rule? What services did nuns and
monks provide? How did the church gain secular power?
What were medieval cities like? What improvements were made in
agriculture, and what were their effects? What was the commercial
revolution? What led to the growth of towns?
Chapter 8
Chapter 8 vocab: William the Conqueror, common law, jury, King John,
Magna Carta, due process of law, habeas corpus, Parliament, Louis IX, Crusades,
Holy Land, Pope Urban II, Reconquista, Ferdinand & Isabella, Inquisition, Black
death, epidemic, longbow
-William the conqueror & domesday book, Henry II and his legal accomplishments
(common law, and juries)Henry II & archbishop of Canterbury, King John & Magna
Carta, Louis IX – establishing the estates-general & being declared a saint
-Who controlled the Holy Land after the Byzantines and where is the Holy Land,
Who called for the crusades? Achievements of the first crusade, why did knights go
on crusades? Impact of the crusades of the European economies, what was the
Reconquista? What was the importance of the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella?
What was the inquisition? What happened to Jew, Muslims and heretics?
- How did the Black Death spread? How did the Black Death effect Europe? What
was the cause of the Hundred Years War? Why was the longbow important? Who
was Joan of Arc, her significance, and what happened to her? Effects of the Hundred
Years War