Download Which Letter corresponds to the following parts in the heart? Aorta

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Chapter 35 Review
Name _______________________
Which Letter corresponds to the following parts in the heart?
Aorta __B__
Superior Vena Cava ___A_
Pulmonary Artery __C__
Right Atrium __E__
Right Ventricle ___I_
Left Ventricle __G__
Left Atrium ___F_
Inferior Vena Cava __H__
Pulmonary Vein __D__
What are the 3 components of the cardiovascular system?
Blood Vessels
Place the following blood vessels in the correct order as they leave and then return to the heart.
1. ___Artery___ 2. ____Arteriole___ 3. ___Capillary___ 4. ___Venule___ 5. ____Vein_____
Match the Blood component with its description
_B__1. Important in blood clot formation
A. Red Blood Cell
_D__2. Liquid portion of the blood
B. Platelet
_A__3. Responsible for delivering oxygen throughout the body
C. White Blood Cell
_C__4. Helps to fight off infection
D. Plasma
How can the inside of an artery become smaller?
Plaque can build up on the inside surface of blood cells. This will make the space that
blood can flow through narrower.
What conditions can occur if the blood flow through an artery decreases?
Heart attack
High Blood Pressure
What is the role of the lymphatic system?
It returns fluid that leaks out of capillaries back to the blood stream. It is also important in
fighting infection
Cut out the following steps in the circulation of blood through the heart and place them in
the correct order
Blood enters the right atrium of the heart
through the inferior and superior vena cava
Blood is pumped into the right ventricle
Blood is pumped to the lungs through the
pulmonary artery
Blood returns to the left atrium of the heart
from the lungs through the pulmonary vein
Blood is pumped into the left ventricle
Blood leaves the heart through the aorta to
supply the body with oxygen and other nutrients