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People Search for Review
1. What is the difference between a mixture and a compound? Give an example
of each.
2. Describe a proton. Why are electrons ignored when finding the mass of an
atom? Where are each of the subatomic particles found in an atom?
3. What determines if an atom is an ion or not? Draw a Bohr model of an ion of
4. What is an isotope? What makes an isotope of one element different from a
different isotope of the same element?
5. Describe the arrangement of atoms in a solid, liquid and a gas of a substance.
Rank the states of matter in order of highest energy to lowest energy.
6. Describe what happens to the molecules of air in a hot air balloon in terms of
a) pressure; b) density; c) motion; and d) number of collisions when the
balloonist heats the air.
7. What happens to the energy of particles as they are heated? What happens
to temperature of the particles?
8. Sketch a phase diagram for water. Label the graph where the water is a)
liquid; b) solid; c) gas; d) melting; e) boiling.
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