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SOL Review Topic 3: Elements, Radioactivity, and the Periodic Table
1. What is formed if you change the following in an atom?
a. Protons
b. Electrons
c. Neutrons
2. What happens to the charge of an atom if an electron is lost?
3. What do the numbers represent in the Nuclear symbol,
Au. How are they related to protons and
4. What is a half life?
5. Where are each of the following groups located at on the Periodic Table:
a. Alkali Metals
b. Alkaline Earth Metals
c. Transition Metals
d. Inner Transition Metals
e. Halogens
f. Noble Gases
6. Define the following and describe what happens to the following as you go across and down the Periodic
a. Electronegativity
b. Atomic radii
c. Ionization Energy