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Part A: 25 points
Your assignment is to create a scale model of the
Earth’s different layers. Your materials should
symbolize the layers in some fashion (example:
color, density, texture, composition, etc.). Include
oceans, mountains, or whatever else appeals to you.
Your model must include the following features
labeled!! Be creative and imaginative.
Suggested Methods/ Materials/ Mediums:
1. Styrofoam
4. Cake/ food products
2. Paper mache
5. Wood
3. Clay/ modeling clay
6. Prezi
3+ Tectonic Plates indicating
their direction of movement
Continental Crust (+ 2 landmasses)
Oceanic Crust
Convection Currents
Outer Core
Inner Core
7. Mobile
8. Video
9. Power point
 All models have to be accurate and labeled.
 Any video must be 3-5 minutes long and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject.
 Any power point must contain at least 10 slides (or Prezi equivalent) of accurate information and images.
Part B: (10 points)
Complete the following table with information from research.
(what is it
made up of of)
State: Solid,
Liquid, other
Other Interesting Facts
Inner Core
Outer Core
Part C: (10 points)
Write a quality description of your project. Specifically, your description needs to include a justification for
your material selection. In other words, why did you choose a particular material to represent a particular
layer? What new and interesting fact did you learn about the earth’s layers? What was your biggest challenge
when creating the model project? (Don’t forget a topic sentence, 3 or more concrete details, and a concluding
Earth’s LayErs rubric
Model (complete, labeled, creative, to scale)
Table (neat, complete, thicknesses labeled)
Paragraph (answers ALL questions, typed or neatly written, TS, 3+CD, CS)