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Content based English in Plant Science
PhD course
lessons in hour (lecture + practice + home) / week =2+2+8
Credit: 8
Sándor Fekete, János Balogh
The course is designed to give PhD students the opportunity to develop their technical
language skills in a range of areas such as giving presentations, taking part in scientific formal
and informal discussions, reading technical texts and writing scientific articles.
These aims and objectives are achieved by studying some of the relevant chapters of modern
plant physiology and molecular biology such as photosynthesis, xylem and phloem transport,
plant growth regulators/hormones, gene expression regulation in response to stress as well as
some key concepts in ecology like biogeochemical cycles. The chapters are dealt with in
English throughout the course with special emphasis on key vocabulary and language patterns
in both formal and informal technical language and the students are encouraged to take an
active part in both the presentation of new contents and the discussions following them.
1. General overview of the cell, cellular organelles and their functions
2. Cellular respiration: How the cell makes ATP
3. Turning light energy into chemical energy, electron transport chain and Calvin
4. Water conduction in plants
5. Phloem transport
6. Carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle
7. Griffith, Avery, Hershey &Chase experiments, DNA replication
8. Eukaryotic mRNA synthesis/transcription and protein synthesis/translation
9. Prokaryotic gene expression regulation — lactose operon, eukaryotic gene
expression regulation
10. Plant hormones: auxine molecular mechanism of action, gibberellins,
cytokinins, ABA, ethylene
11. Plant stress, regulation of stress gene expression in plants
12. The conquest of land / Moss life cycle / Fern life cycle / Gymnosperm life
cycel/ Angiosperm life cycle and double fertilisation