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2006-2007 学年度第二学期期末考试
《病毒学》B 试卷
60 分)
Are the following statements true or false?
( )1. Ribosomal frameshifting allows viruses to produce a polyprotein from an
( )2. Ribosomal frameshifting allows viruses to produce varying amounts of
different proteins from an mRNA.
( )3. Suppression of termination codons allows some viruses to produce multiple
proteins from a polycistronic mRNA.
( )4. Viruses with non-segmented minus-sense genomes produce monocistronic
( ) 5. Viruses with minus-sense genomes always contain a virus-specific
transcriptase/replicase within the virus nucleocapsid.
( )6. Viruses with non-segmented miuns-sense genomes are translated to produce
a single long polyprotein.
( )7. Retrovirused are the only RNA viruses whose genomes are transcribed by
cellular RNA polymersase.
( )8. Hepadnavirus and Caulimovirus genomes contain a number of overlapping
reading frames.
( )9. Treatment of virus infections with drugs is cost effective compared with
( )10. Any of the stages of virus replication can be potential target for antiviral
( )11. The majority of antiviral drugs in use are nucleoside/nucleotide analogues.
( )12. Ribavirin is only active against influenza virus.
( )13. Viruses may become resistant to antiviral drugs.
( )14. Subunit vaccines are generally the most effective and least expensive virus
( )15. The hepatitis B virus vaccine currently in use is produced by genetic
( )16. Inactivated virus vaccines are sometimes not as effective as 'live' virus
vaccines because they fail to stimulate mucosal and cell-mediated
( )17. The majority of successful virus vaccines are currently based on attenuated
( )18. Retroviruses have been successfully used as vectors for gene therapy.
( )19. Most disease states are multi-factorial.
( )20. Inflammation, fever, headaches and skin rashes are frequently not caused by
virus replication, but the immune response to virus infection.
( )21. The vast majority of virus infections do not result in disease.
Viruse with plus-sense RNA genome (true or false?):
( )22. are largely independent of cellular mechanisms for control of gene
( )23. are always expressed as subgenomic RNAs.
( )24. are always translated to produce a single long polyprotein.
( )25. can produce varying ratios of the polypeptides they encode by mechanisms
such as alternative cleavages of polyproteins and variable translation
efficiency of subgenomic RNAs.
Transformed cells may display(true or false?)
( )26. loss of anchorage dependence.
( )27. loss of contact inhibition.
( )28. colony formation in semi-solid media.
( )29. Decreased requirements for growth factors.
( )30. increased requirements for growth factors.
( )31. Increased expression of p53.
PrPc(true or false?)
( )32. is a 254 amino acid protein.
( )33. is encoded by a cellular gene.
( )34. is converted by PrPSc to a protease-resistant form.
( )35. consists of 30percent alpha-helix and 43 percent beta-sheet.
( )36. is resistant to short-wave ultraviolet radiation and to ionizing radiation.
(13). Do the following virus groups possess lipid envelopes (true or false?)
( )37. Populations of virus genomes consisting of mixtures of molecular variants
are known as quasispecies.
( ) 38. Site-specific molecular biological methods are commonly used to
mutagenize virus genomes.
About retroviruses (true or false?):
) 39. Reverse transcriptase is also expressed by hepadnaviruses and
) 40. Are the only RNA viruses whose genome is produced by cellular
transcriptional machinery.
)41. Are the only plus-sense RNA viruses whose genome does not serve directly
as mRNA immediately after infection.
)42. Have low mutation rates, due to the high fidelity of reverse transcriptase
)43. Have a high rate of recombination, due to reverse transcription.
Are the following statements true or false?
( )44. Virus penetration of cells is an energy-dependent process.
( )45. influenza haemagglutinin is a virus fusion protein.
( )46. Uncoating only occurs in the nucleus of the host cell.
( )47. The product of uncoating is usually a complex of nucleic acids and virus
( )48. Nucleoproteins associated with virus genomes are responsible for cell
( )49. Virus receptor molecules are always proteins.
( )50. Most viruses have more than one receptor molecular.
( )51. No known plant virus used a cellular receptor.
( )52. Sialic acid is the influenza virus receptor.
( )53. The expression of receptors on the surface of cells is the major factor which
determines the tropism of viruses.
( )54. Adenoviruses encode their own DNA polymerase.
( )55. Poxviruses encode their own DNA polymerase and are independent of
cellular enzymes for genome replication.
( )56. Reovirus genomes are transcribed by a virus enzyme present in the particle.
( )57. All RNA virus genomes are replicated in the nucleus of the host cell.
( )58. Retrovirus genomes are transcribed by cellular RNA polymerase.
( )59. Reovirus transcription occurs inside virus core particles.
( )60. Segmented virus genomes are usually transcribed to produce polycistronic
1.逆转录病毒与 DNA 肿瘤病毒都可以引起细胞转化,请比较两类病毒引起细
胞转化的机制有何不同。(10 分)
(10 分)
4.根据病毒基因组以及复制方式的不同,病毒可分为几大类? (10 分)