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The Andromeda Strain
We think this book is a very good literary work. The book and the film show many
amazing facts about the science and scientists. Generally we hate reading thick and
boring books, despite we get on well with this book. This is a story about virus wich
was appeared , after a US government satellite crashes near the village of Piedmont in
The disease killls all but two of the town’s inhabitants. An elite scientific team takes the
satellite into a secret underground laboratory in Nevada known as thee Wildfire
Complex, in order to study it. The pattogen mutates into a form that degrades rubber
gaskets, comprimisong the integrity of its containment. This engages an automatic
mechanism designed to set off nuclear weapon beneath the complex, eradicating all
traces of the disease before it can reach the surface. The alien „virus” turns out to be
crystal based and although it containes the same atom as normal life it lacks DNA/RNA
proteins and amino acids. In the final, the virus is changed and disapperared.
In our team, some person interested in the scientific themes. The action along the
book, is a very complicated but very excited. The force of the human against the
diseases was very cruel. It is a wonderful mixture of adventure and conflict. In our
opinion this book is an excellent book from an excellent writer’s pen.
Brehlik Dávid; Kapás Krisztián; Váczi Endre