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Ancient China Webquest
All instructions and websites you need for this webquest are on this worksheet.
Please read CAREFULLY.
Follow each website link by clicking on it directly from this document.
Find the answer to the questions below the link and TYPE in your answers in
your own words.
When you are finished answering the questions, print this sheet out.
Save this webquest in your documents.
1) What is the name of the first Chinese dynasty?
2) At this time, what kind of writing was done in China?
3) How did people travel during this time?
4) What kind of metal was developed during this first dynasty?
5) What is the Great Wall of China?
6) Who built the Great Wall?
7) What is the Great Wall made of?
8) How long is the Great Wall?
9) Why was the Great Wall built?
10) What dynasty or dynasties worked on the Great Wall?
11) Describe a piece of art from the Shang period.
12) Describe a piece of art from the Tang period.
13) Describe what Confucius looks like and what he’s wearing.
14) What are China’s two most important rivers?
15) Describe the terrain in northwest China:
16) What major land feature is in western China?
17) What kind of crop is grown in southern China?
Choose the SHANG KINGDOM from the drop-down menu on the map.
18) What time period was the SHANG Kingdom?
19) List three cities you see on this map, during this time period:
Choose the MODERN POLITICAL MAP from the drop-down menu on the map.
20) Name two differences you see between this map and the Shang Kingdom map:
21) Name two similarities you see between this map and the Shang Kingdom map:
22) How was Ancient ruled?
23) What is a dynasty?
24) What is the name of the earliest dynasty?
25) Who ruled from 1500 to 1050 B.C.?
26) Why was Ancient China locked in warfare for 40 years?
27) Who united all the warring states?
Read the story and then answer these questions:
28) What kind of story is this?
29) How did the world begin, according to this story?
30) Who created order in the world, in the story?
31) From what, did the world form?
32) How did the earth and sky become separate?
33) Where did the wind and clouds come from?
34) What happened to Pan Gu?
Look at the timeline and answer these questions:
35) Who was Confucius and when was he born?
36) When did Buddhism begin?
37) What is Buddhism?
38) In 1300 B.C., what was the capital of Shang?
39) What major event happened in 770 B.C.?
40) Write at least FOUR sentences below about what daily life was like in the Shang
and Chou dynasties in Ancient China.
41) Explain how life in the United States today is different than life in the Shang or
Chou dynasties.