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1. Hi, I want to learn Java, and I am looking for the best (and free!!!) IDE to do it.
Thanks for your help.
I don't think ANY IDE is good for a beginner! Use the JDK and a text editor
and learn without taking shortcuts. Down the road your life will be easier.
2. Hi, I'm looking to run some metrics (FP, LOC, etc. etc.) on some of my Java sources. Has
anyone seen a good free/open source/trialware tool for this? Please respond both to the group,
and to myself ( Thanks! Chris
1. Hi Chris, Try this page.
Hope this helps. Thanks Laurence
--link goes directly to the site
2. Chris,
There is another tool called JMetric available at
-- links=direct
3. I am doing Java/C development on the linux platform. The Java calls some C libraries I have
written. I am looking for an IDE, tool, technique which allows me to set breakpoints in both Java
and C code and step back and forth across the Java/C boundary. I have Java debuggers and C
debuggers but nothing that does both at the same time.
But I need this on linux. Any suggestions on how to do this?
Have you tried using Emacs to run and debug?
4. Hi, Does anyone know of any Java reverse engineering tools? I want to drop in my source code
and other peoples code and see the relationships/workings between classes and methods etc.
Good 2d/3d graphs and connection to JavaDoc would be nice. Easy to use and understand are
important to me. Thank, Laurence
1. Have you tried Rational Rose?
--both links to directories of links
5. Can anyone please recommend me materials (books, articles, links, ...) where I can find
something about Java bytecode optimization, or any other optimization that can be done on Java
bytecodes (peephole, redudant jumps, common subexpression elimination). I am student working
on development of Java assembler and I really need that materials. I have found something but
that is not enough. Thank you
1. There is nothing particularly magic about byte codes. I suggest you look more generally for
books on compiler optimisation. Heavy duty optimisation will probably require converting the
byte codes to some sort of tree representation.
For more detail, please look up the key words mentioned in this post in the Java Glossary at:
2. Some optimisations in:
...and some others in...
General consensus in the field seems to be that often speed optimisations are best left to the JIT.
Optimising the bytecode itself too much might actually confuse the JIT - rather than help it do it's
job properly. The above tools tend to concentrate of squeezing rather than optimising for speed.
Squeezing often helps by reducing download time.
-- direct links
6. Hello, I was using an older version of jdk before and I had imported the package 'javax.jts.* '
in many of my files. Now I have switched to jdk1.3.1 and the package name is changed to
'javax.transaction.*'. Instead of going to each java source file and changing the package name, is
there an easy way to get the package name changed? Is there any convenient way in Jbuilder
which will do this change automatically for me? Thanks, Benolin.
have a look at the IntelliJ's ide IDEA. It has all kind of cool refactoring features. If you want to
stick to JBuilder: have a look at their JBuilder Plugins CodeSearch and Renamer. Those plugins
bring a lot of refactoring power into JBuilder.
here's the url:
HTH Thomas
-- link to company website
7. While waiting (about 20 minutes or more) for VAJ (3.5 Enterprise) shutting down yesterday I
pissed off and shutdown my NT4 workstation instead. Today I could not launch this VAJ again.
Couldn't even see what kind of errors it encountered or displayed. Saw only a flash of dos
window appeared and gone. Anybody who use VAJ had this kind of problem before? How do
you go about fixing it? Thanks! BTW, please don't tell me to reinstall this crappy app again
because I have to request helpdesk to do it and it can takes days.
Replace the Workspace file (ide.icx) with a backup copy which can be found on the VAJ CD, or
you can download one from
Reinstallation of VAJ is very rarely necessary.
Jim S.
-- compamy website
8. hat software products are available to deploy applets. Our applet will execute from each user's
PC. Additionally, we need to be able to create an installation CD for multiple platforms (i.e.
Windows9x, WindowsME, Windows NT, Windows2000). Money is almost no problem. We're
looking for a solution where we can generate our own professional looking installation. The
installation software product should allows us to control the following:
1. Create subdirectory on each users' PC
2. Copy files from CD to local hard drive.
3. Modify the CLASSPATH variable to add the applet path.
4. Installl the Java Plug-In.
Because our applet involves around 6 megs of supporting Jar files to execute, we are installing all
the jar files on to the each individual's PC. Downloading each time across the internet is too time
prohibitive. Regards, Michael
1. Suggest you look at Java WebStart, which sounds like a better fit:
It will cache the jar files on the user's PC, allow lazy downloading of jar files so jar files are only
downloaded when they are needed, and will automatically update the user when new files
become available. Dale King
-- direct link
2. Hey there Michael, I don't know if you have had a chance to look at Java webstart. Although it
is a handy tool for doing what you need to do, I may be able to introduce you to a more complete
solution. The solution that I am talking about is a product called Zydego which is made by my
company, Fontanus Inc. Zydego would be able to automate all of the needs which you have
mentioned below. It works across windows platforms, and supports differential updating of all of
the clients' applets. (Which could come in handy seeing that your applet is 6mb+) Our product
also works for java applications and some native applications and has a user interface which is
entirely customizable. Please see our website at for a more thorough
description of the company and the product. If you would like to obtain a demo of our software,
please contact me. I hope that we may be able to assist you with your software distribution
needs. Julie
9. I'm on an older W98 450 box and am looking for a lightweight IDE for Java 1.3.1. I would like
a good editor that lets me compile and run from the IDE, and I'd like to have some "code
completion" features if possible. However, I don't need bloated IDE with GUI builders because
everyone has said that to learn this paradigm I should code it on my own. That's fine, but after
coming from VB, I can't go back to Note Pad!!! What's out there? Also, the only full-bore IDE
that seems to run on a W98 box (and which is affordable) is the CodeWarrior product. Is it any
good? Thanks, Al Canton Adams-Blake Company
1. jEdit is a fine programmer's editor, and it is written in Java, so it will work just about
anywhere. There are a bunch of small plugins you can download that add code completion,
beautification, class browsers, and just about anything else you might want.
Jim S.
-- direct link
2. Try out JCreator and Kawa Either of which might fill your need.
Also Visual SlickEdit ( works well in 32MB of memory and has code
completion, a class browser, and many other features, but it does not have an integrated
10. Can anybody suggest a visual Java debugger for linux?
1. see debugger in the Java glossary. Bugseeker2 is pure Java, so I presume it would work with
Linux too.
For more detail, please look up the key words mentioned in this post in the Java Glossary at:
Let me rephrase that .. I'm looking for a freeware debugger for linux. I'm a student, I can't afford
commercial software.
1. Please consider JSwat, you can find more information at
quote from the home page:"""This page contains all of the information, specifications, and source
code for the JSwat project. JSwat is an extensible, standalone, graphical Java debugger front-end,
written to use the Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA) package provided by JavaSoft.
The program is licensed under the GNU General Public License and thus is freely available in
binary as well as source code form. You should also check out the page on the Open-Source
2. Visual Age for Java Entry Edition is perfect for students.
11. Hi, I am a Java Developer. I need a free testing tool to test my java application. Plz can any
one help me? Thanks. Ashraf
1. What kind of testing do you need to do ? For a unit testing framework try JUnit :
--direct link
2. Hello for static analysis (the static kind of testing) you can use the Lite version of QStudio
For dynamic testing we also recommend: junit. Succes, Hans.
-- direct link
12. I'm looking for a tool that can identify methods and variables that are NOT used in Java
programs -- and optionally remove them. When I use tools like Forte, Netbeans and VAJ for
generating GUI code, I end up with a certain amount of unnecessary code. Also, sometimes I
create accessors that I don't end up using. I'd like to be able to clean all this stuff up before I put a
system into production.
Does anyone know of something like this? I would be great (not to mention embarassing) if it
were somehow buried in a tool I am already using...
The DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit doesn't specifically do that out of the box, but it does
parse Java, build trees, and make it easy to apply source-to-source transformations to those trees,
followed by prettyprinting the final source code. So it could be customized in its usual way to do
that. And this would be very easy if you'd settle for "delete it if there are *no* other references".
-- Ira D. Baxter, Ph.D. CTO Semantic Designs, Inc.
13. Mike schreef: I've just decided to learn Java from scratch, what is the best program to learn
with, and where can i download it.
The Sun JDK from
-- René Pijlman HYPERLINK ""
14. Hi; I'd like to start a list of free Java development tools written in Java for my web site:
I know about:
1. netbeans
2. forte
3. jext
4. jedit
Anyone know of any others? Steve
Yeah Maui by bitmovers. Its great cause you develop app once and the app can be accessed with
different browsers, Palm and WAP phones!
15. Does anyone know of a tool that generates Java Classes from a W3C XMLSchema? - John
Zeus (
Castor (
Wayne Stidolph
16. Hi, I'm looking for a debugger with two features:
1) Uses Java's remote debugging API (so I can work with the Java plug-in)
2) Lists objects well, so I can pause the execution and look at an organized group of objects. For
example, I could look at how many Vectors were allocated, and check which ones were the
Anyone have any ideas? I don't need perfection if it doesn't exist. I think Karmira's Bugseeker is
nice, but doesn't organize all the objects. Looking at JInsight's feature list, it looks like it might
be good. BTW, it would be nice if the debugger ran under Windows.
Thanks for any insights.
1. JDEE can debug remote processes.
The JDEE has a very nice mouse browsable buffer for debugging. I usually have the debugging
window in its own frame which is the width of the monitor and then I alt-tab between the
stepping and browsing of the debugger.
-- Galen Boyer It seems to me, I remember every single thing I know.
2. OptimizeIt - which is a profiler, not a debugger, might be what you need...
17. Can anyone recommend a tool to enforce Sun's coding conventions? I did come across a page
at that lists some tools, but there are no
reviews or recommendations.
The ideal tool would have some lint-like functionality, plus handle things like brace style,
indents, etc. I'd like to stick to the conventions described here:
Free or open source is best, but I'm not averse to paying a few bucks for a good tool.
Can anyone make a recommendation?
--Chris Cleveland
1. That is one part of a code review. I guess you are trying to short-circuit that step. I wonder if
anybody can prove that going through all the trouble to come up with coding standards and then
enforcing brace style, and all that other stuff, is really worth it. Does it make that big of a
difference to code maintainability or reusability? Certainly, there are general benefits to obvious
code formatting and field naming conventions, but what helps me orders of magnitude more than
brace placement is meaningful comments about what a class or method is for and what it is
supposed to do. Let's put more time on self-documenting (Java-docs).
2. Hi Chris, Have a look at Jacobe (, a free configurable Java code
beautifier that supports the Sun coding conventions. Good luck! Paul
18. Does anyone know a java tool that can generate parsers for some input grammar, like yacc or
bison in C? I will appreciate any pointers
1. Do a google search for javacc - that should come up with some hits. [Removed,
which hasn't been a valid newsgroup for several years now.]
-- Jon Skeet - <> If replying to the group,
please do not mail me too
2. One is HYPERLINK ""
-- direct link
19. What tools are you using to create javahelp? I cked out robohelp and its price tag. ouch!
any opensource tools that have slipped through my freshmeat / sourceforge searches?
Have you checked Doxygen?
-- goes direct to download page which hasn’t much info about the product
20. Can anyone recommend a java source editing tool which supports auto-ftp'ing.
1. Netbeans supports ftp filesystem mount with one of the beta modules. Ive used netbeans now
for almost a month and I simply love it. The best IDE I ve worked with so far.
2. I think UltraEdit supports this. (it's not that "java-ish" but gets the job done.)
20. Is there something that I am missing from my install? I have Java How to Program (Dietel &
Dietel) I've been going through chapter 2 and just playing around with the example programs.
But I can not go any further until I resolve this problem... here is my code..
import javax.swing.JOptionPane; /*This is my problem..... */
public class Welcome4
public static void main( String args[] )
null, "Welcome\nto\nJava\nProgramming!" );
System.exit ( 0 );
The error I get is as follows: cannot resolve symbol symbol: method JOptionPane ((null,
java.lang.string)) location class Welcome4.......etc....
I am assuming that it's not being imported. I have no directories on my PC called javax or swing
and can't figure out why these are not installed with the basic SDK. What am I missing or doing
wrong. Thanks -Jon
1. Notice that the error message is saying that it expects JOptionPane to be the name of a method
in Welcome4 -- that's wrong. JOptionPane is a class, and you need to treat it as such (for
example, call its static methods rather than calling it as if it were a method itself.)
2. Just so you don't get bitten later, you shouldn't use '\n' to indicate end of line in Java. The line
separator should be obtained from System.getProperty("line.separator") So your program should
public class Welcome4
public static void main( String args[] )
String ls = System.getProperty("line.separator");
null, "Welcome" + ls + "to" + ls + "Java" + ls + "Programming!" );
System.exit ( 0 );
I'm curious -- does Dietel & Dietel show using '\n' this way? If so, cross it
off the recommended reading list!