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Honors Biology
Study Guide Test 2 Fall: Ecology
Ecological Interactions
 Ecosystem. Abiotic v. Biotic
 Niche vs. habitat
 Intra- & Inter-specific competition
Ms. Z
Population vs. Community
Fundamental vs. realized niche
Energy Flow: where does energy come from?
Energy Conversion rates
Ecological Pyramids
Food chains vs. webs: predict
consequences of changes
Ecological Relationships
Producers v. Consumers
Autotrophs v. Heterotrophs
Symbiotic Relationships
Decomposers v. detritivores
Competitive Exclusion: what happens
as a result?
Fundamental v. Realized Niche
o Structural/morphology
o Behavior: how an organism acts in
response to a situation
o Physiological: how the body functions
Examples of adaptations organisms have
evolved to survive and maybe reproduce?
Natural Selection
Main three features: size, distribution, density
Closed vs. Open populations
Population dynamics: natality,
mortality, emigration, immigration
Population Models:
Types of Curves & phases of growth curves
o Logistic vs. Exponential
Carrying Capacity?
r-strategists vs. k-strategists
Density-independent factors & Density-dependent factors & Limiting Factors
Biogeochemical Cycles
 Types: ex. H2O, C, P, N
 How does energy flow through
What do these factors do to a population?
How do materials cycle within environments
between biotic and abiotic features?
Why is water important to living things?
Random Terms:
Succession & pioneer species
Photosynthesis vs. cell respiration
Keystone Species
Honors Biology
Specialists v. Generalists
Humans impact on the environment:
two examples
Study Guide Test 2 Fall: Ecology
Ms. Z