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Ecology Extras
• Growth of photosynthetic
organisms because used CO2 in
photosynthesis to make food
• Nitrogen is required to make
amino acids (building blocks of
6. Thousands of acres of tropical rainforests
are cut down each year, primarily for farming
and wood products.
Identify two negative environmental
consequences of rainforest destruction.
Explain the negative impact of each
consequence. (4 points)
Write the answer on separate paper.
Scoring Guidelines
Bioaccumulation and
• Bioaccumulation- how
pollutants enter a food chain
• Biomagnification- pollutants
tend to concentrate as they
move from one trophic level to
the next.
You’ve found your niche!
Ecological niche-
the role and position
a species has in its environment
– Habitat- where an organism lives
No two species can occupy the same
ecological niche at the same time if resources
are limiting…
• Symbiosis: is a close ecological
relationship between the individuals of two
(or more) different species
• Mutalism: both species benefit
• Commensalism: one benefits, one
• Parasitism: one benefits, one harmed
• Competition: no one benefits
Phylogenetic Tree