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Our Lady of the Assumption School
Middle School
Social Studies and Spanish
Sra. Solís Middle School Teacher
[email protected]
Grade 6 Social Studies Class Description:
World History Ancient Civilizations aligned with the California History-Social Science
content standards and analysis skills; students in grade six expand their
understanding of history by studying the people and events that ushered in the
dawn of the major Western and Non-Western Ancient Civilizations. I will introduce
students to World History. Students will learn about Early Civilizations of
Southwest Asia, Ancient Africa, Ancient Asian and American Civilizations, The Roots
of Western Ideas, and The World of Ancient Rome.
Spanish Class Description:
Spanish Class will introduce students to the foundations of the Spanish language. I
will guide my lessons following the Foreign Language Curriculum for Elementary
Schools and the National Foreign Language Standards (Department of Catholic
Schools Diocese of Tucson June 2008). This foreign language curriculum embraces a
broad spectrum of essential foreign language education, utilizing the five C’s:
Communication, Connections, Comparisons and Community/Culture. The goal of
this curriculum is to develop a positive attitude and excitement toward learning the
Spanish language. Through the skills of listening and writing, students will be able
to broaden their awareness acceptance of the Hispanic culture. Additionally,
elements of the Catholic faith tradition will also be integrated into the curriculum in
order to provide a meaningful language and cultural experience context for the
Catholic faith. Students will learn the Spanish alphabet, pronunciation, be able to
communicate in Spanish, write and recite poems and prayers in Spanish. Students
will be using The Realidades Spanish Red book Level A.
In Social Studies and Spanish Class students will learn through the following:
Class discussions, current events, CNN Student News, Junior Scholastic in English
and Spanish, Brain Pop, Kahoot, Quizlet, chapter books, quizzes, essays, exams,
cooperative learning projects, guest speakers, field trips, songs, videos, class
activities, Spanish children’s story books, maps and charts.
A=93-100, B+=90-92, B=87-89, B-=85-86, C+=80-84, C=75-79, C-=70-74, D=65-69
Grades will be posted weekly. This includes Behavioral and Work Habit grades.
Behavior grades include conduct grades and not being productive in class and
Work Habit grades include late/missed assignments, not being prepared for class.
***Late assignments will be accepted only within a one-week period (students will
have a week of when the assignment was due to turn in their late assignments) and
the late assignment will receive partial credit -65%. After a week the late
assignment will not be accepted.
***Students that receive a lower than a 70% in an exam or quiz have the
opportunity to make corrections accordingly to receive a 70% and submit their
exams with corrections the day after the exam or quiz was returned to the student.
I will blog 6th grade announcements and assignments that pertain to the 6th grade
Social Studies and Spanish classes daily in the OLA Blog. The OLA Blog and Grade
Link are great forms of communication between, teacher, student, and parent.