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SNC2D: Cells, Tissues and Living Systems
The Hierarchy of Structure in Animals
Nelson Science Perspectives 3.1 pgs. 73- 79
Levels of Organization in the Animal Body
_________________ unit of life
 a __________________ of ____________cells that perform a function
a structure composed of __________________________ working together to
perform a complex body function
Organ System
a system of _______________________ organs and structures that work
together to perform a major body function such as _______________.
The Four Main Types of Animal Tissue
nervous tissue
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SNC2D: Cells, Tissues and Living Systems
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Match the tissue type with the function.
Tissue Type
Nervous Tissue
Muscle Tissue
Epithelial Tissue
a) Supporting &
b) Movement
c) Covering and lining
d) Communicating
1. Explain the role of cell specialization in the development of tissues.
Specialized cells are different in shape, content and function for different tissues
2. What is a stem cell? Explain why these cells are of great interest to researchers.
A cell that can differentiate into many different types of cells, which may be of use in
the development of treatment for many kinds of injuries and diseases
3. What are two characteristics of stem cells?
Self-renewal and unspecialized
4. What type of tissue would you expect to find in the stem of a plant? Explain your
Connective tissue – provides support, rigid structure for the stem of the plant
5. Without looking at your notes, name four types of specialized animal tissues, and
explain what the function of each type of tissue is.
Connective – supporting
Nervous – communicating
Epithelial – covering and lining
Muscle - movement