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Study Guide: Tissues
1. What are the four major tissue types and what is the general function of
2. Identify and give the function and location of six types of epithelium.
3. Describe the basement membrane.
4. What are goblet cells and where can they be found?
5. Describe the appearance and function of cilia and microvilli.
6. What is the general structural plan of connective tissues (cells, matrix,
fibers, ground substance, resident cells, wandering cells, mast cells,
leukocytes, fibroblasts, etc.)
7. Identify 10 connective tissues and tell where they can be found as well as
their function.
8. Define inflammation and describe the four classic characteristics of
9. What is the difference between exocrine and endocrine glands?
10. Give an example of endocrine glands.
11. Name, describe, and give an example of three kinds of exocrine glands.
12. What is the space where osteocytes and chondrocytes live?
13. Describe muscle tissues with regard to control, nuclei, striations, shape,
and location.
14. Differentiate between neurons and neuroglia.
15. Identify 3 muscle tissue types and nervous tissue.
16. Use proper terminology to discuss cancer including:
metasatsis invasiveness
17. Name four methods of cancer treatment.
18. Explain why cancer treatments are hard on patients.
19. Know vocabulary and stems.
20. Apply knowledge of tissues to clinical situations.