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Concept Check 15.1
1. Why are donkeys and horses considered different species?
2. What is macroevolution?
3. Give an example of a reproductive barrier that may separate two similar
4. Describe conditions that could make a new island a likely place for adaptive
5. How does punctuated equilibrium relate to Darwin's theory of natural
Concept Check 15.2
1. How can evolution explain the range of complexity of eyes in modern
2. Give an example of evolutionary remodeling of an existing structure to a new
3. Identify one possible event during an organism's embryonic development
that can result in a change in body form.
Concept Check 15.3
1. Which parts of organisms are most commonly found as fossils?
2. What main characteristic distinguishes the fossil record of the Paleozoic Era
from that of the Precambrian Era?
3. How are the relative ages of fossils in sedimentary rock determined?
4. How does a mass extinction change conditions for species that survive?
Concept Check 15.4
1. Give two reasons why common names of organisms can lead to confusion.
2. Why are analogous structures not useful for classifying species in an evolutionary
3. What does a branch point in a cladogram represent?
4. How does the three-domain model of classification differ from the five-kingdom