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Julius Caesar
By Jaskirat and Harnoor
As an aristocrat, young Julius Caesar received a
good education as a child. He learned Greek and
Latin, philosophy, and most importantly, rhetoric the art of persuasive argument. When Julius was
only twelve, he was taken to the senate to hear the
speeches and debates and to watch the politicians
at work.
Pompey feared Julius’ rising power and
popularity, and ordered him to Rome without his
On Jan 10, 49 BC, he defied Pompey’s orders,
crossed the Rubicon River and marched into
Pompey fled Rome and Julius’ armies, defeated
Pompey’s forces throughout the Roman Empire.
In 49 BC he returned to Rome where her has the
support of the army and the masses.
The same year the Roman Senate appointed
Julius dictator for life.
Caesar was
• one of the most successful military
leaders in all of history
• accomplished political leader
leader of numerous successful military
• was responsible for an expanding roman
• he reformed the government of Rome
and created the framework for history’s
greatest empire.
His greatest qualities were
• Decisiveness
• Boldness
• Eagerness
• Motivation
• Opportunism
• strategic planning
Julius Caesar passed
away on March 15, 44
BC .