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Sexual Reproduction Guided Notes
This is the process through which __________________ parents cells join to produce
2. The sex cells have ___________________________ the number of chromosomes of a normal
3. For instance, a cat cell has 32 chromosomes the sex cells would have ___________ chromosomes
(mother) and 16 chromosomes (father).
1. At the end of meiosis, one cell has produced _______________ cells that each have half
the number of chromosomes as the original cell.
2. Because the original cell in meiosis has different homologous chromosomes, each of the
4 daughter cells will have one or the other of each homologous chromosome. This gives
______________________________ to each daughter cell.
3. In the ______________, the four cells that are produced are sperm cells.
4. In the female, the four cells that are produced are ____________________________cells.
1. The offspring are NOT genetically _______________________ to either parent.
2. Two partners can produce offspring with __________________________ DNA
3. This provides the _______________________ needed to help organisms survive in
1. F
Asexual reproduction in Plants
1. They produce branches or _______________ that spread out around the parent plant and
can grow into complete new plants.
2. Blackberry bushes reproduce by allowing their branches to grow roots wherever the
stems touches the ground. They also reproduce sexually by making seeds.